A Sweet Paris Engagement on a Rainy Day!
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A Sweet Paris Engagement on a Rainy Day!

A Sweet Paris Engagement on a Rainy day!

Sometimes it rains on the day of your engagement in Paris! This morning, it actually snowed in the city! Still, we do provide gourmet picnics all year long either in Paris or Versailles. Hot soup & hot tea and warm blankets will accomodate your winter Paris picnic.

We usually touch base with our clients the day before their picnic, after having checked on the weather forecast. We ask you to be a little flexible if possible with the timing of your picnic. This way we have room to play with the planning and set up of your engagement picnic in Paris.

We may move the starting time a little later on during the afternoon. We might even suggest to move the date to the next day if the weather doesn’t cooperate! Rare thing … Most time, in case of rain, we use one of the shelter at the champ de mars.

This is what happened with our couple who recently flew from Australia to get engaged in Paris. We set up their engagement picnic at one of the shelter at the champ de mars. A couple of good looking umbrellas, love & happiness plus a great sense of humor from our photographer did the trick!

Everyone had a wonderful time.

Paris engagement

Paris picnic for your proposal.

” Until you’ve been kissed on a rainy Parisian afternoon – you’ve never been kissed. “

Woody Allen.

He would have loved a Paris picnic with a large umbrella on a rainy day. 😊


“Actually, Paris is the most beautiful in the rain”. That is the last line of Midnight in Paris.

Just watched “Midnight in Paris” again last night. It is a 2011 fantasy comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen. Set in Paris, the film follows Gil Pender, a screenwriter, who is forced to confront the shortcomings of his relationship with his materialistic fiancée and their divergent goals, which become increasingly exaggerated as he travels back in time each night at midnight. The movie explores themes of nostalgia and modernism.

Highly recommended. 💕❤️



A picnic in Paris is a fun Paris experience while you visit the city. Let us organize one of our picnic with our traditional French style wicker baskets. Simply reach out via email with your date, number of guests so that we can send you a proposal.

We do set up picnics in Paris and the gardens of Versailles for a romantic afternoon, family & friends get together party.



Propose in Versailles with “Love Picnic Paris” as well as Paris. A gourmet picnic will be set up in the park for you. Our photographer will take some wonderful photographs of your proposal.

A unique experience with a traditional French style picnic. Perfect romantic outing with a chic afternoon at the gardens of Versailles.

You will find our engagement details with various prices in our proposal page.




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