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Week end away

Lovers + Week End in Venice

Lovers in Venice.

We have just returned from a four days trip to Venice! Full of new ideas in our travel kit, we enjoyed the city paste & quietness of the streets, kindness of its inhabitants, the food of course and the simple beauty of this romantic city. We have tried a few wonderful restaurants, enjoyed the long walks along its little streets. I loved the vaporetto rides & the crisp light reflecting in the water.
Now back to Paris with some new ideas for our forthcoming picnics in the city. We have just had a little walk on the “Champs de Mars” this afternoor where people were gathered on the grass sipping wine and enjoying each other company. It is nice to be back in Paris!














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Chocolate Cake Picnic Paris

Chocolate Cake Picnic Paris


Recipe: My Grand’Ma chocolate & Banana & Coconut.

Cake 250g Dark desert chocolate
250g salted butter
200g sugar
70g flower

2 bananas / 300g coconut powder
4 egg

– Preheat the oven 180°C (Th.6-7)
– Gently melt the chocolate “au bain marie” then let it cool..
– Mix butter in ambiant temperature with the sugar for 4mn. Then mix the eggs one after the other mixing vigorously in between each eggs.
– Add the chocolate and flower. Mix up delicately.
– The final composure should have a mousse texture!
– 30mn in the oven

Now once ready quite important WAIT until the next morning until you enjoy your “gateau au chocolat”.

Patience is king!

Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

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