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A Paris picnic for your birthday

You may be planning your forthcoming trip to France this spring. Your wife or a family member may be celebrating his & her birthday while being in Paris. Reach out to ” Love Picnic Paris “, enjoy the perfect Paris experience & surprise your wife with a wonderful gift. We would be delighted to organize one of our Paris picnic for your family celebration while visiting the city with your loved ones.

A traditional French style Paris picnic for your birthday is a lot of fun. We set up our gourmet picnics with our traditional  wicker baskets in various parks around the city. Enjoy a visit to the Eiffel tower in the morning, we will have your birthday picnic ready for you to enjoy at the champ de Mars after your visit.

You will find various menus with different style of picnics looking at our order page. The process is easy. Any question, please send us an email via our contact page. Remember, we only take on one picnic at a time, reserve your date early.

Paris family photographer

A Paris picnic for all of your special occasions.

We will set up our unique Paris picnics for any of your special occasion in the city. A Paris picnic is the perfect idea for a surprise proposal as well as a romantic date at the park. You will find numerous romantic photo stories with gorgeous photography on our website. We also organize party picnics for up to 30 guests.  Any of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with lifestyle photography with our professional photographer. You will also find numerous beautiful photographs taken with our clients on our website.

paris birthday picnic

  • Late afternoon birthday party with girlfriends at the Trocadero gardens. Our photographer took our party around the Eiffel tower for some fun photos after their picnic.

*Enjoy & get inspired with this Paris birthday picnic story!

Paris picnic

  • Girlfriends enjoying an afternoon picnic with our deco picnic set up including cushions, plaids, candles, umbrellas … ultra chic afternoon with our photographer who took some gorgeous portraits of the three of them at the picnic site.

*Paris picnic for three young ladies.

Paris birthday idea

  • Paris birthday surprise idea. It was the first time in France for our family and the last day of their journey in Paris before heading back home. Our client organised a surprise picnic for his wife birthday celebration with the kids at the park. They enjoyed a visit to the Eiffel tower in the morning. Our deco picnic set up was all ready for them to enjoy for an early afternoon picnic.

* A family picnic at the Eiffel tower.

picnic paris

  • Lets be real romantic with a deco gourmet picnic at the gardens of Versailles. Our clients had come to Paris for the French Paris tennis open. On the last day of their trip, he organised a gourmet picnic at Versailles for his wife birthday.

Again our client included a mini photo session with our professional photographer to celebrate their love in France. The photos are simply gorgeous! I am jealous.

*A Versailles gourmet picnic.

Paris spring picnic

  • Another family birthday picnic at the champ de Mars. You will find a few photos of our deco picnic set up as well as some of our menu items such as smoked salmon and fresh strawberries on this story.

A gourmet picnic at the park is the perfect opportunity to take some gorgeous family photos.

*A family Paris picnic at the Eiffel tower.

” Love Picnic Paris ” for your Paris celebrations.

Lets celebrate Love, Friendship, families while visiting Paris with ” Love Picnic Paris “. We will assist you with the planning of a Party picnic for groups up to 30 guests either in Paris or the gardens of Versailles.

We made the process very easy for our clients. Your party Paris picnic would be all ready for you to enjoy when you arrive at the park. We would be on call during your picnic hour just in case! You would usually have an hour and a half to enjoy your picnic. We will take care of the dismantling for you so that you do not have to worry about a thing.

We are getting busy with season’s bookings. We can only suggest that you reserve your picnic in advance. We do only take on one picnic at a time.

For the rest, do not hesitate to send us an email with any question that you may have. We are so much looking forward to meeting you later on this year.

Paris kids photography

Professional family photographer in Paris.

Enjoy some of the beautiful photographs taken by our photographer at the Trocadero with our family.  Time to drop your phone for a while, let a real professional document your family picnic in a lifestyle manner.

The picture process is a lot of fun. Photos are usually done when you arrive at the picnic site. You can choose from a mini photo session ( 1/2 hour of photography ) to one hour of photo.

If you choose the second option, our photographer will take you around the Eiffel tower once you finish your picnic as well. Your family photo session will be professionally edited & retouched the same day. Photos will be sent out the next day in high resolution via wetransfer.

We certainly do not wish to make you wait.

You will actually receive a large selection of gorgeous photographs all included in your package ( no surprises! ).

Click, download and save your photos. Enjoy a unique Paris experience with ” Love Picnic Paris ”

Getting engaged in Paris.

You may want to extend your engagement photo session to two hours. This way olivier will photograph your proposal when you arrive at the picnic site. You can then enjoy your picnic. Once you have finished olivier will take you around the Eiffel tower for the remaining hour. You can then jump into a taxi, head to the Louvre area for another hour of lifestyle photography with one of the best photographer in town.


Get in touch to organize a Paris picnic for your birthday while visiting the city.

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