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You dream to engage in Paris. We are ready for you!

It is always such a great pleasure to meet new clients in Paris. Specially at this time of the year, considering the circonstances, it is really exciting to welcome Lovers, partners in crime, friends and families again! Nik had got in touch a few weeks ago so that we could assist him with his proposing to his girlfriend. We decided on an early afternoon gourmet picnic. Nik settled for “Jeanne” with macarons, chocolate cakes, seasonal fruits from the market, more sweets and a bottle of white wine with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.
Great choice!

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Classical musicians for the best Paris proposal.

We organised a violon alto and a cello to play some classical music for their arrival & while Nik proposed to Alex! We are downloading a sample video on our instagram page. So watch out, it is simply beautiful to listen to. Those musicians rock, it was really moving to listen to. If you are looking for musicians to perform during your Paris proposal, make sure you get in touch a few weeks in advance. This way we do have plenty of time to get everything organised.

Romantic photography, fun and simply beautiful.

The photography is stunning! We had a great couple, just so happy and in love with each other. The photos turned our beautifully. Olivier is a real artist, he has this thing to make his clients relax and have a good time with him. We propose 1/2 hour romantic photo session as well as a full hour with Olivier. Olivier would usually take some photos when you arrive at the picnic. It is actually the best time to propose to your girlfriend. You can then enjoy your gourmet picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower. You can then enjoy another 1/2 hour of lifestyle photography with one of the best photographer in town.

The photos are all color corrected and retouched if need be. They will usually be sent over to your email the next day via wetransfer.


Voila as we say in France!

Anything just ask, get in touch via email we would be delighted to HELP!

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Paris secret proposal in the spring

January in Paris; the end of the year celebrations are now behind us. We would like to wish a wonderful year to each and everyone of you who have been following and supporting “Love Picnic Paris”.

We are very grateful to everyone who have reached out to us for a gourmet picnic and a lifestyle photo session in the city those past couple of years. We’ve met many lovely couples and families visiting the city from all over the world. It has been exciting to be able to share our love for the city with so many of you!

We have prepared many gourmet picnics to cater for friends and families, small and larger groups. We have planned many secret proposals around Paris this past year as well. “Love Picnic Paris” is now getting new bookings for the spring season for both gourmet picnics and creative photography with Olivier. We cannot wait to meet all of you in Paris again this year.

Love Picnic Paris started with the desire to share our passion for our city; enjoying a gourmet picnic with friends and family. Olivier happens to be a very talented portrait photographer. We wanted to propose a unique service where clients would enjoy a relaxing moment at one of Paris beautiful park. Make it a lunchtime delightful picnic experience and have the opportunity to have a creative & unique photo session with a very talented professional at the same time ( my partner in crime! ). This was the original idea behind “Love Picnic Paris”

Paris engagement photographer

Paris secret proposal

The weather is incredibly warm for the season at the moment! Not sure it is a good thing by the way, but this is another topic. We assisted Joe this past week preparing for his Paris secret proposal at the eiffel tower.   There is no season for LOVE, anything is possible in Paris.

Joe ordered our “Edith Piaf” gourmet picnic at the Trocadero gardens including one hour photo session with Olivier once our couple had enjoyed their lunch and cracked open the bottle of champagne.

The Trocadero area is great for photos. It is located on a hill overlooking the seine and the eiffel tower which you can admire in the distance. It is an amazing view point for photography. Although it can get a little crowded at time, the trocadero area is definitely a prime location for some great photography with the Eiffel tower and the city scape.

We are now starting to take bookings for the spring season. We have had a few couples contacting us to plan their surprise gourmet picnic already. A few of you have reserved their date for their forthcoming secret proposal too. We are now proposing picnics and photography in the gardens of Versailles this year as well.

First steps in planning a secret proposal with Love Picnic Paris.

We have created a new secret proposal information page to our Love picnic Paris website. We now combine our surprise gourmet picnic adventures with different photography packages around the city. If you are considering proposing to your love one while visiting Paris, it might be a good idea to go through the page. We explain in more details the different types of services we propose to make this moment unique and completely stress free!

Information on planning your Paris secret proposal

Paris engagement photographer
Joe and Ella’s engagement proposal in Paris.

You are more then welcome to reach out to us via email directly if you have any question you would like to bring forward. We understand the stress involved when planning such a special moment from far away. This more so if you have never been to Paris before. Each and every one of our services can be customized to your liking. We have now gained extended experience in planning secret proposal with the Eiffel tower in the background but not only! So you are more then welcome to reach out for more details, we would be so glad to be part of your special day.

Meanwhile enjoy the few engagement photographs with Joe and Ella’s engagement photo session, taken in Paris recently with Olivier. If interested in a private photography session while visiting the city, I would suggest that you go to Olivier’s website to get familiar with his style of photography.

Alternatively you can go to our gallery page where you will find a selection of photographs taken with Olivier those past couple of years with Love Picnic Paris. I have just gone through the slideshow myself. It brought a tear to my eyes looking at all of this love and happy faces!

Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
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