Paris gourmet Picnic FAQ

Welcome to our Paris gourmet Picnic FAQ page. You will find  answers to some of the more frequent questions you may ask.

We created a winter style gourmet picnic this year. Our different picnics can be enjoyed at the Trocadero gardens, the champ de mars overlooking the Eiffel tower. We do propose picnics at the gardens of Versailles as well. Our winter picnic includes cashmere plaids and woolen blankets to keep you warm. Our deco picnic is set up with our traditional wicker picnic baskets, candles, lights, cushions, umbrellas, and large size heart balloons.

 The picnic is served with tea or coffee. We will be on call during the picnic and present to clear your picnic set up once you are finished. You can simply carry on with a photo session with our photographer or your visit in Paris after your lunch. It is a chic and unusual way to enjoy a romantic moment with your partner in Paris. You will find a fun visual story with Shawn and Whitney’s january Paris gourmet picnic. Reach out to us directly via email for a quotation. 


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With our fine & traditional French style wicker picnic baskets, everything you need to make your picnic one to remember will be waiting inside your basket when delivered on location. And when we say everything, we mean everything, as we not only provide you with a superb selection of Market-fresh foods, specialized artisan items and homemade dishes, but we’ve got all the easily-forgettable stuff covered too, including cutlery, plates, serviettes, glasses and of course a plush blanket to keep your outfits picture perfect!

For our Edit Piaf gourmet picnic, a decor set up is also included.  With pillows, candles, a parasol to shield yourself from the glorious Parisian sunshine as well as a few little extras, it’s the perfect unique, romantic setting ideal for a proposal or an engagement in Paris.  With all this taken care of, there’s just one thing you need to remember to bring-yourselves!


Paris gourmet Picnic FAQ



Ordering your picnic can be carried out quickly and easily online. Get started by heading over to our order page.  You’ll be able choose from one of our four picnics, select a set up time, add any of the available options such as flowers, professional photography or champagne. If you’re after something specific, you are always welcome to send us an e-mail at We’ll get the wheels in motion.  After you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. We will reach out within the next few days to fine tune everything together.  Once time, location and everything else is  confirmed, we will ask you to pay for your picnic in full, including your possible options.


We’re open 7 days a week and offer both Lunch and Dinner delivery times for our surprise set up.  All of our picnics include our surprise set up with balloons. The delivery service & surprise set up is included in the price of the Picnic and gives you around an hour and a half to enjoy your picnic. We will dismantle the picnic ourselves so that you do not have to worry about a thing and can carry on with your daily visits. We usually set up our picnics at the Trocadero area with the view of the eiffel tower. We could also set up one of our picnic at the Luxembourg gardens as well as the Louvre gardens. 

Here one example of a secret proposal / engagement photo session at the Trocadero gardens, overlooking the Eiffel tower. We would tend to recommend the Louvre gardens for a secret proposal in Paris. The area is somehow more private and makes it quite ideal for such a special moment.

* Lunchtime Delivery window: 12:30pm to 1pm         
*Evening Delivery window: 6pm to 7pm
                              Lunchtime Basket Return: 1:30pm to 2:30pm                                  
Evening Basket Return: 7/30pm and 8:30pm
( Our gourmet picnics usually last one and 1/2 hour. )

Please note that we are quite flexible with time. Should you have any specific requirements, email us with your details, we will get back to you promptly. We would be glad to fine tune the time of the day or your picnic menu if needed.  

 For the Edith Piaf gourmet Picnic (our exclusive deco picnic perfect for a proposal & an engagement in Paris), we can organize delivery & set up to a different location in Paris if stated a week in advance.  We also extend the Picnic duration to two hours, making it a truly special, personalized experience. 
Paris gourmet Picnic FAQ
Clients enjoying our Amelie Poulain picnic and a photo session after a morning visit to the Eiffel tower.

Why not add a photo shoot to your Picnic, so that you can take home the memories of your day and keep them forever? Add a half-hour shoot with Photographer Olivier from WeddingLight on to your Picnic for just €280, which not only includes a private, personalized shoot with Olivier himself, but also a selection of high resolution retouched photos to take away with you.  Our Leon, Amélie Poulain, Edith Piaf or Jeanne Picnics can be coupled  with a +1 hour photo shoot as well. This would usually happen after your picnic time. Options to extend the shoot are also available, with Olivier offering different couple & family photography packages from 1 to 3 hours.  


While we do everything we can to make your Picnic as perfect as possible, the weather is regrettably something we cannot control.  It the weather chooses to open its heaven, we’ll be with you every step of the way to find a solution. We would be communicating with you via phone & decide in the morning of the picnic where to do the set up if the weather is not cooperating. 

*In case of light rain, we may decide to set up the picnic on the Champ de Mars, a few steps away from the Eiffel tower. There is a lovely and utterly romantic shelter area with a couple of benches, steps away from the tower.  We may decide to set up your picnic there if we feel it might rain when we do arrive on site. It is important that we have the possibility to reach out via text message or whatsApp in the morning.

We do ask you to be flexible with the time of your picnic in case of bad weather. We might move the time of your picnic later on during the day depending on weather condition. If we cannot set up your picnic on the date and time because of the weather, we would propose to reschedule. You would have one year to book another picnic with us. Being a little flexible is key.

*We only cater for one picnic at a time. Once you have booked your date, we do not take any other bookings. We do not refund a picnic and will propose to reschedule to a later date. 

** Link for visuals of the shelter at the champ de mars **



As all of our Picnics are made fresh to order, dietary restrictions and allergies aren’t a problem at all.  Just make sure to leave us a note on the order page so that we know before hand.  On the unlikely occasion that we can’t accommodate your request, we’ll get in touch in advance and offer a refund or propose a different, more suitable basket.

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We do offer a special package combining our DECO picnic and a photo session for your secret proposal in Paris or Versailles estates. If you are considering flying to Paris with your girlfriend to propose to her in front of the Eiffel tower, reach out to us, we would be delighted to help! 

You can review our Paris secret proposal page, it is a good starting point to visualise and understand a little better how we can assist you with this very special moment. You will find our different packages at the end of the page.

If you havent found what you are looking for in our Paris gourmet Picnic FAQ page, you are most welcome to reach out directly via our contact page.



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