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A wonderful Versailles engagement in the spring time.

January is a time to share some of the lovely Paris engagement & surprise proposal photo stories that we had the pleasure to organize with “Love Picnic Paris” this past year. If you visit our blog for the first time, we started ” Love Picnic Paris” over five year ago with the desire to share a little bit of our French culture & lifestyle. We designed 4 different French style gourmet picnics with our traditional wicker baskets and various decor items such as candles, cashmere plaids, cushions … for a very romantic experience!

Our gourmet picnics can be set up at various landmarks around Paris such as the Eiffel tower, the Louvre gardens as well as Versailles gardens.

Today we are blessed to produce our gourmet picnics for amazing clients who visit Paris from all over the world. We are excited to propose our picnics to many couples, families and friends as well as small and larger groups who sometimes visit the city for the first time. Some of our clients even do return to us for a new picnic experience a couple of years later which is very sweet!

Our goal is to create timeless memories with a unique French traditional experience for everyone to enjoy while visiting the city of love.

propose in paris

A truly French gourmet Picnic experience.

A gourmet picnic with “Love Picnic Paris” is an adventure! It is a romantic and also a fun and delightful experience. It is about you and your partner, family and friends having a wonderful experience in the city. Lets enjoy a unique afternoon together, surrounded by beauty and French elegance.

Each of our picnics can be coupled with professional photography services. You will be flying home with wonderful souvenirs of your Parisian experience. Our photographer has the right expertise and a fun personality.

Versailles surprise proposal

A while back, Néo reached out to us with the idea of proposing to his long time girlfriend while visiting the city. Due to international Covid travel restrictions, his plans were delayed a whole year! We all had plenty of time to fine tune the perfect surprise gourmet picnic proposal. Most of our dear clients decide to propose in front of the Eiffel tower. Noah had the idea to take advantage of a day trip to Versailles to propose to his sweet heart. We thought it was a wonderful idea.

Versailles Picnic location.


Lets plan your surprise proposal at Versailles gardens.

First, we decide on the menu with our clients and the style of picnic they are after. Noah decided on our « Amelie Poulain » gourmet picnic with a bottle of champagne.

The next step is usually to fine tune the exact picnic location. In order to do so, we usually sent a map with a cross marking the spot. We then communicate detailed information as to how to get there. In case of our Versailles location, it is an easy walk down the main alley from the castle to the water boat area!

We do ask for a phone number so that we  communicate 1/2 hour before picnic time  the exact spot using whatsapp geolocalization which always come handy!


Once the picnic is ready with balloons, blanket and all the different props involved, we send the green light!

Our professional photographer will document our client surprise proposal from the distance. He will then congratulate our couple and take a few more photographs when they toast and cheer to this beautiful day!


Once the lunch is over, olivier will take our couple around the park for their engagement photo story. The process is fun and creative as you can see with this little selection of photos.

elope in paris

Versailles surprise proposal.

Enjoy the engagement photos of Noah and Séverine. You will find all of the picnic order details with various options such as photography and flowers in our service page. The ordering process is easy! Do not forget to add a contact number, we will get back to you promptly to fine tune all of the little details together!

Although our Paris picnics are the perfect idea for a surprise proposal in the city, most of our clients are already engaged! You may order a gourmet picnic with « Love Picnic Paris » for a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary, a simple get together after a Paris guided tour and many other occasions!

We do cater for small and larger groups as well so if you are visiting or planning a trip for clients, get in touch.

We are always delighted to answer all of your questions and make your dream come true! ❤️

Please note that we collaborate with amazing Paris based classical musicians. They are often quite busy with their schedules. It is good to reserve your musician a little early. Prices start at €300 depending availability.

Paris engagement

Paris engagement

propose in paris

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Versailles gardens engagement


Paris engagement

Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

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