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Paris family birthday at teh eiffel tower
Edith Piaf picnic Paris birthday celebration

A Paris family birthday picnic.

A family get together over a birthday picnic in Paris is a great way to celebrate. “Love Picnic Paris” will assist you in the planning of a gorgeous picnic at the Eiffel tower to celebrate a lovely afternoon with dear ones. Our Edith PIAF DECO picnic set comes with our traditional French style picnic baskets, cashmere plaids, cushions, candles, umbrellas, lights, balloons, gorgeous hand crafted cloths. We would usually set up our picnic around the Eiffel tower, either at the champ de Mars or the Trocadero gardens. This way you can  enjoy a gorgeous view of the tower in the background.

Paris family photographer

Birthday menu for a traditional Edith Piaf gourmet picnic.

Our Party picnic comes with a menu which can be customized. The menu includes French traditional baguette, a selection of French cheeses, a selection of cold meats, a French vegetable quiche, a market salad, a selection of seasonal fruits and a birthday cake with candles.

Your lunch will be served with champagne and traditional lemonade for the kids. It is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy Paris.

Paris kids photography
Paris family photographer

paris birthday

Make your Paris birthday a very special one.

All of the photos on our website are taken by a professional photographer in Paris. We can organize a photo session at the picnic site so that we can have the picnic set as a decor. Our photographer can take the family around the Eiffel tower for a photoshoot after the picnic as well.

The photos are a lot of fun, stylish and a great way to recall teh day with families back home. We also collaborate with classical musicians as well as a few magicians. Do not hesitate if you have any special requirements, we are always excited to make your dream come true.

Photos Olivier : @weddinglight

Paris eiffel picnic

Paris family photo

Paris family picnic

Paris eiffel photographer

Paris family photographer

Paris lifestyle photographer

Paris family photo

Paris birthday party

Paris lifestyle photographer

Paris family photographer

Paris family photo session