Paris Proposal

Paris engagement photographer for a unique surprise Proposal.

“Love Picnic Paris” has been creating traditional French style gourmet picnic in Paris & Versailles gardens since 2016. Our gourmet picnic & professional photographic experience are all about romance with Paris as a backdrop. Any of our stylish gourmet picnic proposal packages are coupled with beautifully crafted professional Paris engagement photo stories.

We are passionate about our craft and collaborate with the best photographer in Paris. We LOVE sharing our passion for our French culture & traditions. Our Paris & Versailles photo stories are full of life, stylish and elegant. “LOVE PICNIC PARIS” thrives at planning the perfect afternoon for your unique surprise proposal & stylish engagement. 

Paris engagement photo
Sunrise Paris engagement at the Eiffel tower.

You will find various engagement packages at the bottom of the page. You are most welcomed to reach out via email for more detailed information or a special request.

The photos of your engagement will be professionally edited, retouched and sent out to you the next day in high resolution by our photographer. You can share a link with high resolution downloads with your parents the following day! So that everyone back home can enjoy the photos of your engagement in France.

We collaborate with a wonderful professional photographer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. You can view Oliviers work on his website :

Also visit our google review page for our latest reviews from our clients.

*Clients Review :

“I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Love Picnic Paris and Oliver. Our picnic was set up in a great, isolated location overlooking the Eiffel Tower. My now fiancé was so surprised when we walked up to it and loved all of the food, decorations, and flowers Oliver picked out. Our photo shoot afterwards was such a fun experience. Olivier, our photographer made us feel so comfortable and kept us laughing the entire time. I highly recommend using Love Picnic Paris if you plan on getting engaged in Paris.”

picnic paris

*** Our deco gourmet picnic at the champ de Mars coupled with one hour of photography.***

Lets plan your Paris proposal.

We’re so glad you’ve chosen the most romantic city in the world to propose to your girlfriend, congratulations!

Now let “Love Picnic Paris” make your Paris engagement & surprise proposal a once-in-a-lifetime magical experience with a wonderful gourmet picnic and some creative engagement photography.

If you are looking at a very unique way to propose to your girlfriend while living the Parisian life, “Love Picnic Paris” is the perfect match to assist you in realizing your dream proposal with your partner in crime either in Paris or Versailles.

Indeed, we now organize your surprise proposal at the gardens of Versailles.


*Review from YELP!:

“I want to thank you both for making my surprise proposal to my  girlfriend (now my fiancee) a fantastic experience and the most memorable day ever. From the first contact they were so helpful in assisting to plan the event and come with many suggestions that made the day even more memorable for us. Our Versailles picnic set up and food was fantastic, location was perfect and they even made sure the rain stopped in the afternoon so we could have our picnic outside as planned :-). Oliver took pictures of us when I proposed and captured “A perfect moment” that we will cherish for ever. He continued to take pictures during our picnic and then also came back after for an additional photo shoot which I strongly recommend you take if you book “Love Picnic Paris”! The pictures we received after just a few days are the best and Oliver is excellent in setting up the right poses and settings for the best pictures. If you are planning a surprise picnic/event/photo shoot I hope you use “Love Picnic Paris”, you will not be disappointed and will have a memory for a lifetime. Once again thank you for “A Best Day”!

This is your Paris engagement photo story you will tell again and again.

Paris engagement photographerMarina and Sébastien photographed at the place des Vosges.

Love Picnic Paris helps you with everything!  We will find the perfect romantic Parisian location for your surprise proposal. We will assist you with the day planning & setting up of one of our designed gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower or other suggested Parisian landmark.

We will document your secret proposal & engagement with unique lifestyle photography from start to finish. We have created the ultimate gourmet picnic setup for you including elegant and stylish decor (candles, cushions, plaids and a traditional wicker picnic basket.)

Our traditional picnics entail the finest products that Paris has to offer. We’ve hand-selected gourmet delicacies sourced from all around France. Indeed, we have everything under control, from logistics planning to our surprise Picnic setup. You will enjoy an unforgettable,  stress-free and romantic afternoon with the woman of your life.

romantic picnic paris

Gourmet picnic & classic wicker basket ” Edith Piaf” set up at the Trocadero gardens.

Gourmet Picnic and Stylish couple Photography at the Eiffel tower. 

Our business and passion is romance. When it comes to this special day in your life, you’ll want your event in the hands of caring professionals. We know how high the pressure is to make your Paris proposal perfect; your partner has been dreaming about this day her whole life. 😍

During the planning of your engagement picnic with “Love Picnic Paris”, you will choose from one of our custom stylish and fun photography packages, picnic preferences, location ( Eiffel tower, Louvre museum, Luxembourg gardens …), timing, and every last detail. You can include the service of a professional musician and a bouquet of flowers to your proposal as well.  All that’s left for you to do is pop the question!

picnic versailles

Photo : Versailles gardens surprise proposal.

We will have the rest covered. If you already feel this is the way to go, proceed to our order page to reserve the date.

Order our exclusive “Edith Piaf” gourmet picnic which comes with the surprise picnic set up, a bottle of champagne ready for you to pop up! We will organize everything for you. Any special requests? Write us a note on your order page with any question that may come to mind.

Eiffel tower Paris surprise proposal and engagement idea.

In front of the Eiffel Tower is an all-time favorite for a wonderful Paris engagement. The Eiffel tower is a short walk to your picnic site either at the Trocadero gardens or the champ de Mars. Following your picnic, Olivier will walk you around the Eiffel tower if you decide on one hour of photography.

You may wish to propose at a different location such as the Seine, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Louvre … Just ask & we will plan your dream proposal for you. Please note that you can now assist you with your proposal at the gardens of Versailles with a great picnic coupled with your engagement photos. 

pic nic paris Michal and Magdalena photographed at the Louvre gardens. 

We’ll pull off the perfect proposal:

After fine tuning the time and place where we will set up your surprise picnic, you and your partner will arrive at the agreed upon location. Your gourmet picnic will be all ready for you to enjoy. Our photographer will be there waiting too (hidden paparazzi style) to document your proposal.  Lasting about half an hour, this secret proposal photo session captures the exciting and candid moments from afar and the exact instant that she says, ‘Yes!’

Once you have proposed, you will open the bottle of champagne and laugh with your love one. Olivier will introduce himself and take a few more photographs of the two of you at the picnic site. We will be “on call” during your picnic hour. Once you have finished your picnic, Olivier will take you around the eiffel tower for one hour photo session. Depending on your chosen package, your photo session may stretch to two or three hours of photography.  

These are photographs you and your partner will LOVE and treasure forever; Olivier will capture the moment that you have decided to share your future life together.

paris gourmet picnic

If you choose a package including an Engagement Photo Tour, Olivier will guide you around Paris for more romantic couple’s photography. Again, this photo tour is flexible and can range from one to three hours, depending on your preferences. We will arrange and coordinate with you all of your photo shoot details such as possible locations, change of dress, time of the day via email.

The two of you glowing with excitement and the stunning backdrop of Paris will make for extraordinary photographs that you can later share with friends and family. They’ll want to hear about every last detail of your Paris story, and pictures are a part of it of course!

Our passion is making your dream Paris proposal  come true. “Love Picnic Paris” expertise and kindness shines through the care put into the planning, execution, and photographs. This is a once in a lifetime moment, and we will do everything to make it perfect.

paris engagement photographer

Ken and Judith photographed at the pont neuf.

We would be delighted to assist you with the planning of your Paris engagement photo session following your picnic with “Love Picnic Paris”. A typical Paris photo tour would last two to three hours depending on the landmarks you wish to go to. You can view one of our sample story photographed with Olivier to give you a better understanding of our photographers style and how he approaches proposal and engagement photography in Paris. Our photo sessions are a lot of fun, stylish and shot in a lifestyle manner. 

 * Engagement and Secret proposal photo stories. *

*Review from YELP!:

“I could not recommend Love Picnic Paris highly enough.
Oliver and his wife were excellent in communicating the original set up of the picnic and even were kind enough to cater to our dietary requirements and provide a VEGAN picnic – which included 3 vegan cheeses and was absolutely delicious.
On the day of the proposal our original Eiffel Tower location was extremely busy and Oliver contacted me to arrange a new location at the Garden of the Louvre – in hindsight this provided a much more intimate and special experience.
My partner was completely surprised and loved the picnic set up. We have since received the photos which are amazing and are a great memento to share with family and friends to re-live the once in a lifetime experience.
Merci beaucoup! Martin. “


Gourmet picnic at the Trocadero gardens.


Package One – (Our traditional picnic set up)

  • Your Secret Proposal professionally photographed by our photographer including a 1/2 hour mini Photo Session.
  • Our Traditional “Amélie Poulain” gourmet picnic including our wicker basket surprise setup.
  • Menu : French traditional baguette,  selection of French cheeses, vegetable quiche, Selection of cold meats, market salad, Seasonal fruits. Served with wine.

Price : € 630 Included a mini photo session.

Price : € 730 Included one hour of photography.

*ADD flowers : € 95 

*ADD an Early morning sunrise proposal : € 180

Here an example of a surprise proposal gourmet picnic and 1/2 hour proposal photo session. The surprise proposal took place at the gardens of the champ de Mars.

Eiffel proposal

Full Story : John & Veronica secret proposal  – Paris gourmet picnic with professional photography (

Package Two – (*Our deco picnic set up)

    • Your Surprise Proposal photographed before your gourmet picnic.
    • Our deco gourmet picnic including our traditional wicker basket with our deco picnic setup. ( Cashmere plaids, traditional wicker baskets, candles, umbrellas, cushions, custom menu, vintage mats, champagne included.
    • Menu : French traditional baguette, cold soup, selection of French cheeses, vegetable quiche, market salad, smoked salmon, Macarons, Chocolate cake. 

Price: € 800,*incl. 1/2 hour engagement Photo session at the picnic site.

Price: € 900, *incl. 1hour engagement Photo session at the picnic site and around the Eiffel tower.

ADD flowers  to your package: € 95 

We now propose to set up your gourmet picnic for an Early morning sunrise proposal at the Eiffel tower. This way you will enjoy the Eiffel tower all to yourself. Price € 180

Here an example of a surprise Paris picnic proposal followed by one hour photo session at the Louvre gardens.

paris engagement photo

Package Three – (*Our deco picnic set up)

  • Your Surprise Proposal photographed.
  • Edith Piaf gourmet picnic including our surprise wicker basket with our deco picnic setup. ( Cashmere blankets, traditional wicker baskets, candles, umbrellas, cushions, custom menu, vintage mats, champagne included.)
  • Your engagement photographed with a two hours engagement Photo Tour in Paris including the eiffel tower and the Louvre, rue de rivoli and the gardens of the Palais Royal.
  • (Flexible times and locations).

Price : € 1,350

Eiffel engagement photographer

* Winter Paris engagement photography with a two hours photo story in Paris.

A Paris engagement photo story.

Enjoy the photo story of Elizabeth and Edward. Edward proposed at the Trocadero gardens. Olivier photographed their proposal at the beginning of the picnic. We had set up our summer deco gourmet picnic for them overlooking the Eiffel tower. They enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon picnic including smoked salmon, a selection of cheeses, chocolate cake and macarons for desert. Once they finished their lunch, Olivier took them around the Eiffel tower and the seine for an hour and a half of lifestyle photography. Their engagement photos are simply gorgeous. 

Full story : Paris Romantic Eiffel tower engagement photographer (

eiffel picnic

*Various options can be added to your package such as flowers, musician. 


Getting engaged in the gardens of Versailles.

versailles proposal

*ADD € 200 to package one or two for a surprise proposal at the gardens of Versailles

. This will cover transportation, park entrance and the fact that we cannot take on any other picnic during the afternoon. Should you decide on getting engaged at Versailles gardens over one of our gourmet picnic, simply choose one of our package above which suits you best. 

Versailles engagement photographer

*** View one of our Versailles engagement photo story on our blog. ***

A Versailles estate engagement is all about romance. It is the perfect idea to surprise your girlfriend with a gourmet picnic at the estate of Versailles. 

You can enjoy a visit to the castle in the morning and walk down across the park to your gourmet picnic right in time for lunch hour. Your gourmet picnic will be all ready for you to enjoy when you arrive at the park.

Our professional photographer will photograph your secret proposal once you have settled down. You can then enjoy a very romantic lunch. Our photographer will then take you around the park for more photos.  You can also carry on with your afternoon visit to Marie Antoinette Estate and the petit Trianon.  We will take care of your picnic dismantle for you. 

Versailles engagement photographer

A romantic Versailles proposal on our blog.

All of our picnics can be customised to your liking to accommodate vegan, vegetarian and gluten free clients. Our gourmet picnics can be set up for you at the Luxembourg gardens, the louvre gardens and the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel tower. You will find a special request section to our picnic order page. You can be quite specific with your order adding comments if required.

Do not hesitate to email us prior to making an order should you have any question?

Paris secret proposal

Why Love Picnic Paris?

  • We speak fluent English, and this means nothing will be lost in translation. We will execute your vision for this day perfectly and make it truly magical.
  • A caring and experienced professional photographer. Olivier, will make sure that your photo session is fun and that the photographs come out flawlessly. We make sure that your engagement photos are delivered the next day.
  • Knowledge of the ins and outs of Paris. We take you to the best locations. We will determine the time of the day ideal for photos, and how to create most luxurious picnic imaginable.
  • Love Picnic Paris’s passion is people. We cherish our clients and will make you feel comfortable and at ease. We understand how exciting it is to propose to your loved one in Paris!


If you are ready to place an order with “Love Picnic Paris” go directly to our order page, choose your picnic type including your photography package for your engagement & secret proposal in Paris. If you are not sure about how to proceed or have any question that you would like to bring forward please use our contact form. 

We will respond within the next 24 hours. Please note that all of our services are custom made! We cannot take an order in the morning for the afternoon. A minimum of 24 hours is required to fulfill your order. We can only serve one client at a time. If you wish to have a specific date, we would advise you to place your order quite early.

sunrise paris proposal

Paris Sunrise Proposal.

We now offer a special sunrise surprise proposal picnic at the Eiffel tower.  The deco set up for our sunrise proposal gourmet picnics may vary depending on the time of the year. We usually set up our gourmet proposal picnics in between 7.00 and 8.00AM. At this time of the day, the champ de mars is still very quiet and the natural light is gorgeous for your Paris engagement photo session.

*Add € 180 to any of the Paris engagement packages. 

paris secret proposal

paris engagement photo