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Lets celebrate your birthday in Paris

There is 1001 ways to celebrate a birthday in Paris. Lets enjoy a unique afternoon with “Love Picnic Paris” at the foot of the Eiffel tower. We will set up a surprise gourmet picnic with our traditional French style wicker basket. You will enjoy the most romantic afternoon for your partners birthday celebration.

Lets make it a Paris birthday surprise with a romantic outing at the Eiffel tower.
Morning can be spent going up the Eiffel tower, enjoying the spectacular view over the whole city. You might see us setting up your gourmet picnic with red balloons from hight above. Your birthday picnic can be set up late afternoon as well. You will enjoy the evening lights looking at the Eiffel tower after a busy afternoon walking around town. Time to rest, chill, enjoy a traditional French moment under a beautiful Parisian sky.

Paris birthday surprise
A gourmet picnic in Paris.

Any of our four different picnics can be ordered directly in our website. Head to our service page, enter your date/time, choose your picnics and any of the options that we propose. Add a little note, for a birthday celebration, diatery restrictions & any special request. The process is simple, should you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch. Reserve your date in advance though, we only do one picnic at a time.

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Professional photography in Paris.

Enjoy this wonderful story photographed by Olivier. We do make sure that our clients have a wonderful time with us. Photography is very much part of “Love Picnic Paris”.

We propose professional photography sessions that can be coupled with your afternoon picnic. The photo sessions can be ordered directly while you chose your picnic. We will guide you through every step of the way once we receive your order. Our couple & family photo sessions are a lot of fun as you can see. Photos are not set up, posed but lively and quite stylish.

You can choose from a mini photo session to one hour on the website. Reach out to us if you are looking at shooting at different locations or starting early with the morning light.

We are very flexible and anything can be arranged.

If you have a minute, enjoy one of our past summer family deco gourmet picnic with some wonderful Paris family photography.

Looking forward to meeting you all in gorgeous Paris.

Paris birthday surprise
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Paris birthday surprise for the romantic ones! We will help you plan the most exciting afternoon.

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Paris birthday celebration Paris birthday picnic

Paris birthday celebration.

Carmen was one of the first client of “Love Picnic Paris”. She purchased one of our gourmet picnic in Paris a few years back. She was visiting the city with her husband and two kids. A few years later, her husband got in touch again! Carmen was visiting with a couple of her friends this time. She was going to celebrate her 40th birthday in the city. We planned her Paris family birthday picnic celebration at the Trocadero gardens on a gorgeous afternoon. What a wonderful idea and such a special surprise. Our fabulous deco picnic was all set up when they arrived at the garden.

Our photographer welcomed them for some photos with the picnic set up. Our clients enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in the park. Once they finished, Olivier took them around the Eiffel tower for some more portraits.

I have to say that it is a real delight to meet up with past clients again! We Love our clients, they are a lot of fun. We are so glad that our clients often reach out to us again from one year to the next.

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Ordering your Paris birthday picnic.

Ordering your Paris birthday gourmet picnic is easy.  We ask our clients to process their order via our website. We propose four different menus to choose from. The process is simple. You will find a few possible options such as flowers, champagne and professional photography. If anything, you have the possibility to leave a note at the end of your order. The most important is that we have your picnic date. So head to our service page & start processing your order.

If you have any allergies, would like to place a special order, make a surprise for your loved one, offer a picnic to your visiting relatives, write us a note. we will get back to you within the next couple of days.

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Professional photography with “Love Picnic Paris”

Any of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with great photography. If you are intending to propose in the city, “Love Picnic Paris” will assist you with the perfect surprise. Head to our proposal page, you will find all of the relevant information, including our proposal packages.

A professional photography session is also a lot of fun. We propose a mini photo session at the picnic site as well as one hour of photography around the Eiffel tower. Again, we are very open to your specific requests. You can order your photo session while you place an order for your picnic. Our photographer can also take you around the city for an extra hour. A Paris family photo session is also a great idea. Anything can be organised to fit your schedule.


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Enjoy those photos! They very represent what we do best, making sure that our clients are having a wonderful time with us. It is always a great pleasure to meet up with everyone in the city. Remember we do also propose our gourmet picnics at the gardens of Versailles.

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Paris birthday celebration Paris birthday picnic

Celebrate your birthday in Paris.

Why not celebrating your birthday at the Eiffel tower with a gourmet picnic? Lets make your birthday celebration in Paris a fun event. “Love Picnic Paris” will assist you with the planning of your special day at the park. You will gather your friends and family under the Eiffel tower for one in a lifetime occasion. We can host an event, outside at the park, for up to 30 guests. A picnic in Paris is a real delight!

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Drafting your Paris birthday menu.

Our birthday picnics are usually set up at the champ de Mars. We will find the best spot for the afternoon once we arrive at the park. The exact location will be geo-localized roughly 1/2 an hour prior your picnic hour. We will go to the market in the morning to prepare your menu. A gourmet picnic comes with our traditional French baguette, a selection of French cheeses, a market vegetable salad, a selection of cold meats, a vegetable quiche, seasonal fruits and a chocolate cake with candles and balloons. It is ideal that you get in touch a few weeks prior to your date.  This way we can we can easilly accommodate your date and time.

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Selection of cold meats.

paris birthday picnic

Planning the perfect picnic in Paris.

“Love Picnic Paris” will have your picnic set up and ready usually around 13h for a lunch party. We will be present on site if needs be. Once you have finished, we will take care of the dismantle for you. All that you have to do is enjoy a gorgeous afternoon with your party under a beautiful Parisian sky.

Our professional photographer can document your gourmet picnic. It is a fun way to commemorate your special event. All of the photos will be professionally edited, retouched and send out the next day in high resolution format. This way you can produce a gorgeous album of your Parisian memories.

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Seasonal fruits with fresh strawberries.

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picnic paris

Apple tart from Normandy.


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Selection of cold meats with our wicker baskets.

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A selection of French cheeses with camembert, roquefort.

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A vegetable quiche and a chocolate cake for desert.

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Edith Piaf picnic Paris birthday celebration

A Paris family birthday picnic.

A family get together over a birthday picnic in Paris is a great way to celebrate. “Love Picnic Paris” will assist you in the planning of a gorgeous picnic at the Eiffel tower to celebrate a lovely afternoon with dear ones. Our Edith PIAF DECO picnic set comes with our traditional French style picnic baskets, cashmere plaids, cushions, candles, umbrellas, lights, balloons, gorgeous hand crafted cloths. We would usually set up our picnic around the Eiffel tower, either at the champ de Mars or the Trocadero gardens. This way you can  enjoy a gorgeous view of the tower in the background.

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Birthday menu for a traditional Edith Piaf gourmet picnic.

Our Party picnic comes with a menu which can be customized. The menu includes French traditional baguette, a selection of French cheeses, a selection of cold meats, a French vegetable quiche, a market salad, a selection of seasonal fruits and a birthday cake with candles.

Your lunch will be served with champagne and traditional lemonade for the kids. It is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy Paris.

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Make your Paris birthday a very special one.

All of the photos on our website are taken by a professional photographer in Paris. We can organize a photo session at the picnic site so that we can have the picnic set as a decor. Our photographer can take the family around the Eiffel tower for a photoshoot after the picnic as well.

The photos are a lot of fun, stylish and a great way to recall teh day with families back home. We also collaborate with classical musicians as well as a few magicians. Do not hesitate if you have any special requirements, we are always excited to make your dream come true.

Photos Olivier : @weddinglight

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