Wonderful Normandy gourmet picnic experience.

Would you love to experience a uniquel & fun afternoon while traveling through one of the most charming region of France? Love Picnic Paris is now serving the beautiful region of Normandy. We specialize in crafting French style traditional gourmet picnics to international travellers visiting Paris, Versailles and now Normandy. In addition, we do personalize your gourmet picnic experience with our French style wicker baskets, traditional blankets & regional delicacies.

Our picnic specialists will provide you with the finest and freshest products the region has to offer. First you can enjoy delectable wine, apple cider with a selection of French cheeses. Second, home made market salads, selections of Quiches, desserts and baguette will be selected by our experienced picnic specialists.

Normandy heritage with a rich cultural history.

“Love Picnic Paris” organize memorable French country style picnics for you while visiting the stunning Normandy region. You may travel on a day trip from Paris or a week long adventure. Normandy’s name comes from the settlement of the territory by Norwegian Vikings in the 9th century. William the conqueror, duke of Normandy became king of England in 1066.

We highly recommend a visit to the Bayeux tapestry on your way to the Normandy coastline and D-Day beaches. The tapestry depicts the historical events leading to his crown and his conquest of England. You will immerse yourself to some of the most fascinating sites of France from the impressionist town of Giverny, all the way to the stunning Mont Saint Michel, part of UNESCO world heritage since 1979.

Styling a unique picnic with “Love Picnic Paris”

Our picnics are great for any special occasion. Each set up includes complete styling to suit your wishes. Prime touristic locations such as Giverny, Etretat, Colleville-sur-Mer and the Mont Saint Michel are rich in history and cultural wealth. Any of those locations are quite ideal for spreading the tablecloth over lunch time with good wine and great company, during your trip to France.

You will enjoy a peaceful picnic with true “joie de vivre” while taking in the beautiful French traditional landscape. Sit back, relax and savor delicious food while we take care of your specific needs. You will immerse yourself in an authentic traditional French experience.

Picnic idea in Normandy

Let us take you on a journey to the charming region of Normandy some 200 km west of Paris. This region has a rich history, which dates back to ancient times. Normandy became well known during World War II for the Normandy Landing that had a significant impact on the country. It was a time where the French Allied including Americans, Canadians, British soldiers attacked Germans strongholds along the coast. The assault begun on five main beaches, now famous worldwide, codenamed Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah beach. The allied started the Normandy invasion on the 6th of june 1044 and then marched to Paris to free the country from the German occupation.

Love Picnic Paris follows the impressionist in Normandy.

However, the 19th century brought peace and great economic and cultural success to the region. Today, Normandy’s battle wounds have long healed and the region is prosperous and thriving. It has since then built a reputation for being a cultural and culinary hub of France. As part of our new service, we provide gourmet picnics to groups traveling throughout this stunning region. We are offering an authentic French picnic at gorgeous sites that include Giverny, Etretat, Colleville-sur-Mer and the Mont Saint Michel. Still, we are of course open to any of your suggestions. Do not hesitate to reach out for a special query.

We will set up one of our gourmet picnics in the stunning area of Giverny. The village is located on the “right bank” of the river Seine in the upper part of the region. It is commonly associated with the Monet’s house and garden. Giverny was also a place where artists were said to be truly inspired by the local landscape. Monet himself was inspired by the breathtaking natural surroundings. Monet was incredibly fond of painting nature. He decided to settle down in the town of Giverny, one hour west of Paris.

He loved to paint his own garden which he himself designed, creating a unique pond with its water lilies circled by willow trees and a lovely Japanese wooden bridge. Imagine yourself having a gourmet picnic adventure with your family & friends on the bank of the river seine near the quaint village of Giverny! Here you will be able to enjoy a beautiful moment on the grass contemplating inspiring scenery where famous impressionists like Claude Monet once painted.

Gourmet picnic order at Giverny

White Water Lilies, Claude Monet 1899.

Enjoying a day trip to Honfleur, Etretat in Normandy.

There are many other beautiful and brilliant areas in Normandy. We are also offering our gourmet picnics at various locations on the coastline such as Honfleur and Etretat.  This quaint, delightful little town of Etretat is located in the Pays de Caux, on a part of the coast of Normandy called ‘La Côte d’Albâtre”.

It is celebrated for its impressive white cliffs, featuring grand arches, a large rock needle and spooky tunnels. Once  you have discovered the cliffs, arches and tunnels along the cost, we will have a picnic waiting for you on the quiet and sandy beach. While sipping on your lovely glass of wine, enjoying a picnic here will make you feel like a real local while taking in the natural beauty of the surroundings. It’s an immersive experience suitable for everyone to enjoy!

giverny seine river Picnic

Seine river near Giverny, Monet, 1885.

There are many other beautiful parts of Normandy to explore traveling further west such as the untouched area of Colleville-sur-Mer. It is a charming commune in the Calvados department in Normandy. This area is known for being home to the American Cemetery situated on the top of a cliff. The site overlooks the famous Omaha Beach – a World War II cemetery and memorial. Locals considered this part of Normandy to be very spiritual due to the rich history and now peaceful atmosphere.

After discovering Colleville-sur-Mer, we will have a beach picnic waiting for you. Here, you are guaranteed to feel fully absorbed in the beauty of the place. Arromanches-les-bains is another Normandy beach resort rich in history where you can visit the WWII museum. On June 6th 1944, some 5000 Allied soldiers achieved the greatest landings in History. On the beaches of Normandy, they took the Germans totally by surprise.

arromanches les bains


A unique gourmet picnic afternoon at the mont Saint Michel.

The Mont Saint Michel is another area which we guarantee will take your breath away. In fact, it is said that Mont Saint Michel was created in a dream. One peaceful night in 708 A.D, Bishop Aubert of Avranches had a vivid vision. The Archangel Michael, who had won against Satan in the war in heaven, appeared in a dream and instructed Aubert to construct a place of worship on the rocky island in the Couesnon river.

The building of Mont Saint Michel begun over 10 centuries ago. Today it attracts 2.5 millions tourist from around the world each year. Around the island are medieval walls and towers which rise above the clustered buildings of the village. Built in the 11th and 16th century, the ancient island located off the coast of Normandy is a perfect spot for an off-the beaten track picnic experience on the bay.

mont-saint-michel tourist

We enjoy these areas ourselves and take great pride in our fun and unique gourmet picnics. Our gourmet picnics all include a surprise set up which will be waiting for you after a day of discovery. Finally, it includes our classic wicker picnic baskets, table cloths, knives and forks, plates, napkins. All you have to do is enjoy your time with your group without having to worry about logistics.

Let us take care of everything for you. Our goal is to offer a unique, unusual, chic & classic French experience at the most gorgeous spots around Normandy.


A glimpse of our mouth-watering menu:

We prepare our Picnics with market-fresh ingredients daily.

Gourmet Picnic Menu:

*Traditional baguette, a selection of delicious cold meats, a selection of local hand-crafted cheeses, fresh market salads, vegetable quiches, seasonal fruits and absolutely divine chocolate cake and apple tarts.

*For drinks we have a selection of amazing wines and refreshing mineral water.



You can reach out to us via our contact page with informations such as the date and purpose of your event, your picnic destination, the number of guests, time of the day, etc…

*Please specify any dietary restrictions or requirements as we are able to adjust the menu to your preferences

Love Picnic Paris creates unique dining experiences for visitors to the City of Light, Versailles and now the region of Normandy. We are excited to share the wonderful and stunningly beautiful region of Normandy with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any special inquiries, we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have. You don’t want to miss out on the experience of a lifetime!

Mont saint michel picnic