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Paris gourmet picnic Eiffel tower couple photoshoot

 French tradition at the Eiffel tower.

The French call it : “Galette des Rois” which translates as ” French King cake”. I have to say it sounds great in French. It is a biblical tradition that celebrates the visit of the Magi to Christ. The season for this gorgeous almond cake extends to the end of the Twelve days of christmas. “King cake parties” is a real delight for kids.They are celebrated all over the country. It is the occasion for another family reunion over the festive season. Whoever gets the King cake trinket is expected to choose his king or queen and share his crown for the day.

We wanted to share one of our lovely tradition with Whitney and Shawn for their last day in Paris.

Red heart shaped balloons with your picnic.

We included a bottle of sparkling wine for Shawn to shake, pop and spray – for the photo session. It is certainly a fun way to enjoy a romantic moment with your lover and celebrate life, love, and happiness. Shawn asked for some red heart shaped balloons as well. We used those gorgeous red heart balloons quite a bit during Whitney and Shawn’s romantic photo session. They looked so perfect & fun to play with. We now propose our new balloons sets to our gourmet picnics & secret proposal packages along with a bottle of sparkling to have fun with.

elope in paris

Your romantic gourmet picnic for the saint Valentine’s day.

We are now taking orders for paris Valentine’s day‘s celebrations. We propose to our clients a winter style gourmet picnics at the eiffel tower with cachemire plaids and warm woolen blankets over the christmas season. Our winter picnics come with our traditional wicker baskets, cushions, candles, sparkling lights, umbrellas …. Each picnic can be customized to your liking if you have any special requests. Whitney and Shawn enjoyed a bottle of chilled champagne with warm vegetable soup, Foie gras and smoked salmon.  They had roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables as a main course. For desert, they enjoyed a “galette des Rois” with fresh fruits and traditional goat cheese yogurt.

Your Paris romantic photo session.

All of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with a romantic photo shoot with Olivier; our lifestyle photographer. A typical photo shoot can take any time from 1/2 an hour at the Eiffel tower to a three hours photo story across Paris. Here are a few photographs taken by our photographer just recently at the place des Vosges, in the Marais district. I love Olivier’s style of photography. His photographs are vibrant and always lively.

Enjoy one of his romantic photo session in the Marais. The pictures are amazingly beautiful.

Remember to reserve your date quite early for your Paris Saint Valentin’s winter gourmet picnic and photo shoot. We will prepare our picnics for just two couples on this very special day.

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Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris secret proposal

Paris winter romance for lovers.

Paris winter engagement and secret proposal.


If you are in a traveling mood with your love one over the Christmas season, surprise your partner with a unique proposal “extraordinaire” while visiting Paris. What is more romantic then an engagement in the city of love. You will wander the cobblestone streets of Paris, watch the  sunlight reflected in the river Seine. The beauty of Paris will sink deep into your heart. You will fall in love in any number of countless ways to the romance of our gorgeous city.


Unexpected and Chic Paris secret proposal.


“Love Picnic Paris” orchestrates an unexpected and chic way for you to pop the question in style this winter season.

We have arranged a stunning winter gourmet picnic proposal package.  Our stylish package is a specially crafted winter picnic set ready for the ultimate Parisian proposal at the foot of the Eiffel tower. Our gourmet picnic includes cashmere plaids and warm blankets to cuddle up under a Parisian sky.

“Love Picnic Paris” will decorate the site with our newly designed picnic set below. This year we have added candles and lights to decorate your picnic. Our selection of Parisian pillows will decorate the set with our traditional wicker picnic baskets. Your picnic will be served with champagne, hot wine, tea or coffee. We will have some balloons flying up high. We can include a specially crafted romantic bouquet of flowers. A violonist can be present to play one of your favorite song while you propose to your girlfriend. Your lover will definitely say : ” YES!”

paris engagement photographer

Your Paris engagement photo session with ” Love Picnic Paris”

Romantic gourmet picnic menu.


Our secret winter proposal surprise menu includes a hot soup, foie gras, smoked salmon, a hot meal with chicken and mash potatoes, “Pierre Hermé” macarons, gourmet chocolate cake for desert. Our special proposal package comes with a bottle of champagne as well as tea or coffee. You may wish to add a bouquet of creatively designed flowers, a musician as an option as well. Should you have any specific idea, do not hesitate to share it with us.

You will find more information about our secret proposal and engagement package in our Paris secret proposal page.

Romantic paris winter

A romantic winter picnic for your proposal.


We ourselves love the idea of having a romantic picnic in the city regardless of the season. We call it ” our Romantic adventure ” which we have decided to share with everyone.  Reach out via email to book your date. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help. Our goal is to make your unique Paris proposal a dream come true.

We would ask you to be a little flexible with time and day. We may need to move your picnic hour a little in case of rain. There is a gorgeous sheltered site which we use at the champ de mars. It is designed by Gustave Eiffel. It has public benches where we can set up your picnic in case of light rain. You would be all rapped up in our cashmere blankets. Time will stop, you will just enjoy the moment together with the woman of your life. You will propose in style, pop up the bottle of champagne and enjoy the moment.

Our photographer would be capturing your proposal from the distance.We can also include a very cheap bottle of sparkling (to shake, pop and spray – for the photo session)

Once your lunch comes to an end, Olivier will take you around the Eiffel tower site for your engagement photo session. The photo session can go from one to three hours in the streets of Paris depending on your special needs.

Enjoy the photos below and again do not hesitate to get back to us with questions if need be.

romantic paris winter

Paris romantic picnic set from “Love Picnic Paris”.

paris winter romance

Romantic paris winter

An unexpected and chic Paris winter secret proposal.

paris engagement photographer

christmas romantic paris

winter paris bouquet

Celebrate your Paris engagement in style over the christmas season. 

paris christmas romantic

Paris secret proposal

paris engagement proposal

Paris engagement proposal photographer
Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal paris engagement photographer Paris Picnic Proposal

Paris secret proposal Le Louvre

A gourmet picnic and lifestyle photography.

Our latest secret proposal venture combining a gourmet picnic and a mini photo session at the gardens of the Louvre with our photographer. When we started ‘Love Paris Picnic ” the idea was to share our love for picnics, outings with friends and creative photography. Olivier is a very talented photographer with a vast experience in lifestyle and portrait photography.

Paris being the city of love, we quickly found our marks, catering for very special secret proposals but not only! You can of course order a gourmet picnic from us via our picnic order page. We have four different gourmet picnics to choose from. I have to say that it is a real delight to organise a secret proposal in our wonderful city for our international clients. It is equally rewarding to prepare a delightful picnic in one of our wicker basket for friends, families and partners in crime who wish to have a special experience in Paris, something that is truly a “French tradition”.

Back to our lovers outings, we assist you with finding the perfect site, a romantic and peaceful setting. We will set up the most romantic gourmet picnic with one of our wicker basket, lovely cushions, candles, umbrella to shade yourself from the sun if need be. We would also dismantle the set up once you are finished so that you can carry on with your visit without having to worry about returns.

As to photography! Olivier would document your proposal from the distance in a discreet fashion. This way you have some creative visuals of a very important moment in your life. The photos would be retouched and sent out to you the next day so that you can share your love with friends and family while still vacationing.

Here is the page where you can choose one of our designed lovers package if you plan on proposing while visiting Paris. Paris secret proposal: Three different packages combine a gourmet picnic with a creative lovers photo session.

We have actually put together different packages specially catered for lovers that combine one of our delightful picnic with a photo session in the streets of Paris from a mini 1/2 hour photo shoot to an extensive 3 hours photo tour at some of the most beautiful Paris landmarks with Olivier.

Our picnics are usually set up at the gardens of the Trocarero, the gardens of the Louvre or the Luxembourg gardens. All three Parisian locations have their own specific charm and atmosphere. We love them all! Our picnics can be tailored to your specific needs as well. We have actually put together a vegan picnic recently for one of our client. This was a new experience for us. Jamie proposed at the Louvre gardens. It was a fun event to organize.
Here are some sample photographs taken by Olivier during the proposal.
Paris secret proposal – The Louvre.

Couple Picnic Paris Paris Picnic Proposal Paris secret proposal

Amy + Greg secret proposal at the Eiffel tower

Greg contacted us yesterday to help organize a surprise picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower. He proposed to his long time girl friend Amy… who was overjoyed and a little surprised. They enjoyed our “Léon picnic” with a bottle of champagne, strawberries for dessert and a couple of “Eclair au chocolat” that we picked up on rue Montorgueil. Special treat for a special occasion & not to forget a mini photo session with Olivier around the trocadero to celebrate this very special time in their life.

It is such a treat for us to be able to share our love for picnics with clients flying to Paris from all over the world to enjoy our amazing city. Greg and Amy are Australians and live in Sydney. They are touring europe for a month and stopped over in Paris for a few days. They will be getting married in Australia next year. Olivier started his photographic career working for the “Sydney Morning Hearald” over 20 years ago! That creates a special bound I guess! They had a wonderful time both with their picnic and their photographer. Amy & Greg suggested we come to Sydney for the wedding as Olivier was telling them that it was in Australia that he photographed is first wedding on the beach!

Olivier is a wonderful photographer. We propose some top of the notch portrait photography with one of the most talented and sweetest photographer in town. You can see some of Olivier’s private portraits on his website. Amy & Greg proposal photo session was sent out to them via “Wetransfer” yesterday. We have just received this little note from Greg :

” Thank you so much for everything you and your wife organised today, everything was perfect.
The photos look amazing & we are so glad we have met you.
Thank you!!! “
Extra sweet of them … We are heading to the Trocadero for another surprise picnic set up & a photo session this morning. So stay tune for some more exiting photography in Paris.





Couple Picnic Paris

Gaby+Bjørn First spring picnic in Paris

Gaby and Bjørn flew to Paris to celebrate Bjørn’s birthday. Bjørn was the one who surprised his girlfriend with one of our wicker picnic basket. They had our “Leon picnic” at the champ de Mars overlooking the Eiffel tower with a mini photo session. Spring is definitely round the corner … some of the trees in the park are in bloom already: a gorgeous day to celebrate with your love one specially when it is your first visit in the city of love. It was very nice for us as well to meet this charming couple from Copenhagen. They were so cute together, Olivier had a great time snapping a few portraits of the two of them. It is not quite spring yet as the title suggest; we are so excited at the change of season that for us it is spring time already! We have a few picnic orders already all the way to August. We will be catering to families, friends and lovers alike, meeting wonderful people from all over the world, with a picnic and a nice bottle of wine.

If you are looking for ideas for your surprise proposal to your girlfriend this summer, we would be delighted to help you with setting up  one of our lovely gourmet picnic for the occasion and a surprise photo tour in the streets of Paris with Olivier. Reach out to us, we would be happy to discuss your proposal idea and assist you in making your dream come true.

All of our wicker picnic baskets are delivered at some of the most romantic landmarks of Paris. Gaby and Bjørn had their Paris picnic at the champ de Mars overlooking the Eiffel tower. We can recommend other locations to you such as the gardens of the Luxembourg or the square du vert galant on the ile saint louis. We love making new friends so reach out to us in Paris, so that we can help you plan your Paris picnic and a romantic photo tour of our beautiful city with your lover, friends and family.

From our clients:
” We want you to know that we are so so grateful for meeting you in Paris…
The pictures you took are just WOW, just amazing… You are really talented as a photographer, and the pictures you took will be something that we will cherish for the rest of our lives…
We are really impressed, and so very very grateful…
You really made our trip even more magical…
As we said, when we met you, you will always have a place to stay, if ever in Denmark.. You really made an impact on us, and we´ve talked a lot about you since…
We will very much love to write you a deserved recommendation on the link you sent us, so ofc we´ll do that asap…
Again, thank you so much for the photoshoot, for the warm welcome, for the patience with us being late, and for being you…
With love
Bjørn and Gaby…”