Picnic in Versailles
Versailles engagement photographer

A beautiful engagement at Versailles.

 A beautiful engagement at Versailles.

” Love Picnic Paris ” produces beautiful engagements at Versailles. Our client visited the estates with his partner on the first day of their trip to France. First time in Europe for both of them… wonderful adventure to get engaged at Versailles on your first day abroad.  😊

SO GLAD that he contacted us to organize his Versailles proposal. Always a pleasure to head to Versaille for the afternoon.

We found the perfect secluded spot, away from the bustling crowds but still surrounded by the timeless beauty of the gardens. Our romantic deco picnic was set up for the occasion with cushions, plaids, a bottle of champagne, a customised menu …

Jose dropped to one knee and pop the question when our couple arrived to the picnic location. Our engagement photographer was ready to capture the moment!

As the afternoon light danced around them, jose knew that this moment, in this enchanting place, will be etched in their memories forever. 💕😍❤️

Versailles engagement

A professional photographer for your Versailles engagement.

So why booking a professional photographer for your engagement? Having a professional photographer capture your engagement is like adding a sprinkle of magic to an already enchanting moment! Sure, your smartphone can snap a decent pic. Not sure you want to worry about photography on your engagement though. A professional photographer has the skills to freeze-frame that once-in-a-lifetime moment in all its beauty.

Think about it: you’re surrounded by the grandeur of the Gardens of Versailles, your heart’s pounding, and you’ve just popped the question. Do you really want to rely on shaky hands and bad lighting to capture that special moment?

Our photographer knows all the tricks to make you both look like royalty against that stunning backdrop. He will capture your engagement in a fun way. You do not have to worry about a thing. Plus, having those high-quality photos means you can relive the magic over and over again. You also will be able to show off your love story to the world. I think it is definitely worth every penny. Your parents will also greatly appreciate your engagement photos!

Visit Versailles

Versailles estates; a historical scenery!

Jose & Gabriella visited the castle in the morning before heading to their engagement picnic. We set up their romantic picnic half way between the castle and the “Hameau de la reine”.

versailles hameau de la reine

Hameau de la reine in winter. Fine art photography by our talented photographer.

The Hameau de la Reine, or the Queen’s Hamlet, is a charming rustic retreat nestled within the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Built in the late 18th century for Queen Marie Antoinette, it’s like a picturesque village straight out of a fairy tale. Complete with thatched cottages, a shimmering lake, and lush gardens, the Hameau was Marie Antoinette’s private sanctuary away from the formalities of court life. Here, she would escape the pressures of royalty. She would immerse herself in the simple joys of country living, tending to her gardens, enjoying leisurely strolls, and hosting intimate gatherings with her closest friends.

Today, visitors can wander through this idyllic haven, soaking in its serene beauty and imagining life as a queen in a storybook village. The hameau de la reine is certainly an all time favorite of ours.

Marie Antoinette wasn’t just about lavish balls and extravagant parties. She also had a soft spot for the simple pleasures, like picnics. Picture her spreading out a luxurious blanket on the grass, surrounded by her closest friends and confidants, as they indulge in an array of delicacies. There’s champagne flowing, delicate pastries, fresh fruit straight from the orchards, and perhaps even a selection of cheeses fit for a royal palate.

If you are considering to propose while visiting France, reach out to “Love Picnic Paris. We will organize the most beautiful engagement at Versailles for you.

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