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An engagement at the gardens of Versailles

An engagement at the gardens of Versailles.

What could be more romantic then an engagement at the gardens of Versailles!

Our clients had met over six years ago in Paris while studying at HEC business school. They started dating on a day trip to Versailles organised by the school. Christopher remembered that they first kissed while having a picnic at the canal. They had enjoyed a traditional apple tart for desert on that day so the story goes.

Christopher contacted “Love Picnic Paris” a while back with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend Johanna where they first kissed along the canal of Versailles gardens.  His special request was to include a traditional apple tart for desert.

Isn’t that a wonderful idea!

We do love going to versailles ourselves and we were thrilled to plan Christopher’s proposal. An engagement at the gardens of Versailles is so romantic. It is exciting to be part of it & help making this plan come true.

versailles proposal

Planning a Versailles engagement picnic.

We have been planning our clients engagements at the gardens of Versailles for quite a few years. We do love going to the park for an afternoon strall ourselves when business allows! Versailles is the most enchanted destination a short ride away from Paris. The garden is a perfect setting for a romantic gourmet picnic. We often set up our gourmet picnics along the canal. The canal area was the ideal location for our clients surprise proposal.  You will find a few gorgeous engagement stories on our website that will give you a more precise idea of the natural beauty of this historical site.

First thing to know when it comes to organising your proposal is that we are flexible with time and date. We only plan for one picnic at a time. You may just want to reach out a little early to make sure that your preferred date is available.

We do know the gardens of Versailles by heart. There are numerous stunning locations in the park.  It will be a pleasure to guide you through each steps of the way. You may be looking for a very peaceful location where you can connect with your partner and nature. Anything you have in mind to make your engagement special, let us know!

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Another gorgeous Versailles engagement story with ” Love Picnic Paris “

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No season for romance with ” Love Picnic Paris “

We propose gourmet picnics through out the year. We do have a fall & winter menu where we would include hot tea, warm blankets. There is no season for romance with ” Love Picnic Paris “. Each of our gourmet picnic is catered for a special moment. Below a gourmet picnic that we prepared for one of our client’s engagement in the fall earlier this year.

Versailles surprise proposal

A romantic Versailles surprise proposal in the fall.

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Once you have gone through our website & enjoyed a few of our engagement stories. You may want to read through our proposal page. You will find detail information with various packages and prices. All of our gourmet picnic proposal are coupled with lifestyle professional photography. Proposal picnics can be set up either at Versailles estates or various locations in Paris.

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The easiest might be to send us an email with any question that you may have. Remember to include a date and possible time you would rather have. We now offer sunrise proposal picnics at the Eiffel tower. This is a wonderful way to propose when the city is still a little quiet and the sun rises over the tower.

So enjoy the beautiful engagement photos of our clients at Versailles. I hope you found a few interesting tips. In any case, please reach out, we would be delighted to assist you with your surprise proposal in Paris.

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versailles engagement

versailles engagement

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versailles engagement photographer

versailles engagement photo

Versailles gardens

versailles engagement

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