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The best Paris Picnic.

Lets propose in Paris with the best Paris picnic from “Love Picnic Paris”.  It is a wonderful idea to propose at the Eiffel tower with one of our gourmet picnic. We will fine tune all of the details together. You will celebrate a flawless proposal and the most excited afternoon in Paris with your loved one!

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Planning a Paris engagement.

Best way to plan your Paris engagement or any of your special event is to get in touch early. We have four different gourmet picnics that you can choose from in our service page. While our Edith Piaf picnic comes with our deco picnic set, ANY OF OUR PICNICS COULD BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR DREAM PROPOSAL. A gourmet picnic is a fun, cajual, yet stylish way to propose to your girl friend at the Eiffel tower. Champagne is offered with our deco picnic. We do propose a number of options such as professional photography & musicians and magicians.

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Best Paris engagement photographer

We do have a wonderful team of professionals working with us. Our photographer is highly skilled and a lot of fun to be with. I would suggest that you go through one of our slide show or simply scroll down the page to have an idea of his style of photography.
All of our engagement photo stories are lively, a lot of fun, photographed in a natural way, not posed yet very shylish.
It is important to Love Picnic Paris to propose the best there is to our clients.

You may want to read some of our clients reviews as well. It is always quite informative.
“Love Picnic Paris” Reviews.

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Hosting a gourmet picnic in Paris.

“Love Picnic Paris” has produced picnic events at the Eiffel tower for the past 6 years. We have hosted many different picnis for all occasions. Clients contact us for a romantic outing, a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party, a friends get together, or a corporate party. We will set up your picnic close to the Eiffel tower either at the champ de Mars or the Trocadero gardens. For a group party it is always best to send us an email first to share your ideas, with a date and the number of your guests.

Here is a map of one of our favorite location.

Paris gourmet picnic

A romantic gourmet picnic at the Trocadero gardens.

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propose in Paris

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Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer

Paris summer love

Paris summer love

It is with great pleasure that we plan our Paris picnic parties with our traditional wicker baskets! Catering for a romantic picnic adventure at Versailles, a Paris engagement at the Eiffel tower, birthdays & party celebrations have been a wonderful experience. We have met lots of new friends along the way … one of the main reason why we decided to start “Love Picnic Paris”. Sharing our passion and French culture in the city that we LOVE is a lot of fun . We cannot recommend enough experiencing a Paris picnic at the Eiffel tower or the gardens of Versailles if you are planning a visit to France this summer.

We met up with Mark and Natasha at the Trocadero gardens for a special afternoon. They enjoyed our romantic “Edith Piaf” picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower. Their Eiffel picnic was all set up for them when they arrived to the park. Our photographer took them around the site once they finished their picnic for some lifestyle photography. The photo session lasted one hour. Olivier doesn’t count the time spent with his clients neither. The photo sessions often go overboard ! Neither does he counts the number of photos that he sends out to our clients. All of our Paris couple photos are retouched, sent out a few days after the shooting. You never wait for then a couple of days to receive your Paris photo story.

Olivier has worked in NYC for over 10 years as a professional photographer before he decided to settle back home. He has tons of experience making sure that his clients are having a wonderful time diring the photo session. His photos are anything apart from cliché, and convey the beauty of love, family and friendship. It is a real pleasure to spend the afternoon with him.


Professional couple photography in Paris.

Our photographers style is fun and easy so it seems anyway! Years of experience and passion for his craft makes him a great professional photographer to work with. Mark was a little on the shy side while Natasha is used of having her photos taken for work. The result is stunning ! They look so happy together and certainly had a great time in the city with us.

Should you be interested in reserving one of our gourmet picnic / photo session with “Love Picnic Paris”, I would suggest that you head to our picnic order page first. You will find four different picnics to choose from. Any of those picnics can be coupled with a photography session.  You can very simply add to your order a few options such as champagne, flowers and / or photography.


Ordering a Paris picnic.

We would be glad to answer any of the question that you may have. Ordering a Paris picnic with “Love Picnic Paris” is easy. Best is to start heading to our Paris Picnic service page. All of our picnics can be customized to your liking. Simply add a note to your order or send us an email. Once we have received your order, we will follow up within the next 24 hours to fine tune all of the little details. Payment can be done once everything is finalized.

Your Paris picnic will be set up at one of the park that we selected together. There are a few options that you can add to your picnic basket. Again you are most welcome to send us an email if anything. Meanwhile enjoy those lovely photographs taken in the city with our couple. Here is a map so that you can visualize where exactly Mark and Natasha had their gourmet basket set up.

Looking forward to hearing back from all of you.

Trocadero gardens picnic map




Paris picnic

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Eiffel picnic

Picnic in Paris

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Eiffel proposal

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Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic

A gourmet picnic and a romantic photo session at the Eiffel tower

A Gourmet Picnic And a Romantic Photo Session At The Eiffel Tower

A few GORGEOUS photographs from a picnic happening today at the Trocadero followed by a lifestyle photo session with Olivier! Some really cool photographs in black and white. I Love black and white photography… They are so romantic and timeless. I still enjoy looking at my parents pictures when they were young, those old family albums in black and white were just stunning. So glad that black and white is coming back to fashion these days.

Ella and Andrejs enjoyed our “Amelie Poulain” picnic at the Trocadero with an hour of photos around the site. We had the picnic set up for them when they arrived. Ella did not know anything about it. She was a little surprised when she found out! All of the little details had been well planned in advance.

We communicate via text message the morning of if need be, nothing is left aside.We would send you the map of the exact location geolocalized, so that you can let yourself being guided to the spot if need be with your phone. We make sure that the location is very easy to find for everyone, even if you have never been to Paris before.

Gourmet paris picnic eiffel tower

Ella and Andrejs photographed by Olivier at the Bir-Hakeim bridge following their picnic.

Trocadero square

View of the Trocadero from the Eiffel tower. Marked in red the spot where we would usually set up our picnics at the Trocadero gardens.




Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris engagement photographer

Paris engagement photographer



Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

Love Picnic Paris offers bespoke picnic experiences in the heart of Paris. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, stunning views, and personalized service for unforgettable moments.
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We’d love to create magical moments for you!

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