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The best Paris Picnic.

Lets propose in Paris with the best Paris picnic from “Love Picnic Paris”.  It is a wonderful idea to propose at the Eiffel tower with one of our gourmet picnic. We will fine tune all of the details together. You will celebrate a flawless proposal and the most excited afternoon in Paris with your loved one!

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Planning a Paris engagement.

Best way to plan your Paris engagement or any of your special event is to get in touch early. We have four different gourmet picnics that you can choose from in our service page. While our Edith Piaf picnic comes with our deco picnic set, ANY OF OUR PICNICS COULD BE CUSTOMIZED TO FIT YOUR DREAM PROPOSAL. A gourmet picnic is a fun, cajual, yet stylish way to propose to your girl friend at the Eiffel tower. Champagne is offered with our deco picnic. We do propose a number of options such as professional photography & musicians and magicians.

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Best Paris engagement photographer

We do have a wonderful team of professionals working with us. Our photographer is highly skilled and a lot of fun to be with. I would suggest that you go through one of our slide show or simply scroll down the page to have an idea of his style of photography.
All of our engagement photo stories are lively, a lot of fun, photographed in a natural way, not posed yet very shylish.
It is important to Love Picnic Paris to propose the best there is to our clients.

You may want to read some of our clients reviews as well. It is always quite informative.
“Love Picnic Paris” Reviews.

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Hosting a gourmet picnic in Paris.

“Love Picnic Paris” has produced picnic events at the Eiffel tower for the past 6 years. We have hosted many different picnis for all occasions. Clients contact us for a romantic outing, a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party, a friends get together, or a corporate party. We will set up your picnic close to the Eiffel tower either at the champ de Mars or the Trocadero gardens. For a group party it is always best to send us an email first to share your ideas, with a date and the number of your guests.

Here is a map of one of our favorite location.

Paris gourmet picnic

A romantic gourmet picnic at the Trocadero gardens.

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Paris engagement photo session
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A Parisian romantic gourmet picnic.

Have you ever dreamed of a romantic gourmet picnic facing the Eiffel tower in Paris? “Love Picnic Paris” produces the most amazing picnics in the city. We propose 4 different picnics styles from a traditional gourmet picnic to a more glamorous set up with decor. If you are interested in having us organizing one of our picnic, I would suggest that you first head to our service page. You can decide on a picnic with different options such as flowers, champagne or photography. You can select a date and time of the day, where & when you would like your picnic to be set up. We have made the process very easy for everyone.

*First order your gourmet picnic on our service page : “Love Picnic Paris

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Your Paris secret proposal

Lets get engaged in Paris … Our Paris picnics are for everyone to enjoy;  friends getting together, families visiting Paris, birthday parties, bachelorettes and proposals in the city. We often assist young men flying over to the “city of LOVE” with their girlfriend. Reach out if you have the intention of proposing to your partner during your trip to France. We would be delighted to help with all of our expertise. A Paris secret proposal is a lot of fun to organise. Once you reach out to us, we will detail how we will assist you with your day planning. We will put together the most exciting surprise for the special occasion. We work with a wonderful professional photographer in Paris as well as experienced classical musicians. Trust us to plan of a flawless secret proposal.

Enjoy a few photographs of a romantic picnic from Olivier from @weddinglight below.

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Event planning for a larger party picnic.

We are often asked whether we produce larger scale events? The answer is YES, we do. Should you be interested in having us plan a gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower for a group, please send us an email with some details of your event in the city. We can produce gourmet picnics for up to 30 guests either in Paris or Versailles gardens. Birthday parties, bachelorette, family get together are a wonderful occasion to celebrate Paris in style. Reach out to us, we will guide you every steps of the way.

Meanwhile enjoy a little photo story of a romantic picnic we organised for a wonderful couple from New Jersey this past summer. All of our picnics can be coupled with great photography.

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Paris engagement photo session

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Celebrate your birthday in Paris

We are turning a page on 2022, sharing one of our Paris picnic birthday celebration. It has been a real fun (although quite an intense year) for us. We have had the pleasure to organise many gourmet picnics for an international clientele both in Paris and Versailles. Today, we sit back and enjoy the moment over the festive season with family in Normandy. We haven’t had much time through out the year to share visuals of our picnic productions on Love Picnic Paris. Lets take this opportunity to send our best wishes to everyone for the New Year & celebrate our families and friendships with this picnic story.

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Loving our Paris picnics

It has been over 5 years since we prepared our first picnic for a client at the Eiffel tower. Time flies, it is a little crazy. Each year, we are getting a little busier with our picnic ventures. We have met many wonderful people through out the year. Some of our clients, visiting Paris again are coming back to us for another picnic experience. It is wonderful to meet new clients and to catch up with old ones! The original idea was to share a bit of our passion for French traditions in a casual manner. We wanted to share our love for traditional French picnics with good products, good wines and a lot of passion. We are proud to say that “Love Picnic Paris” is successful. We are even getting queries for winter picnics at the Eiffel tower now.

Paris birthday celebration

Celebrate your birthday at the Eiffel tower

You may be interested in having “Love Picnic Paris” organise your Paris birthday celebration.
It is probably best to send us an email with any ideas that you may have in mind. You can add the number of guests as well as a possible date to this email. We would gladly organise your gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower up to 30 guests. A tipycal menu would be French traditional baguette, a selection of French cheeses, selection of cold meats, French market salad, a vegetable quiche, seasonal fruits and deserts.
We often produce gourmet picnics for birthday parties, as well as bachelorettes and family reunions in the city. The Eiffel tower is a perfect background for a smashing event. We collaborate with the best Paris photographer. We can also suggest musicians and magicians to untertain your event.

We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully see you all this coming season.

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Picnic idea in Paris to celebrate your birthday

We love meeting new friends flying to Paris from all over the world! This time we met the Phillips family who flew all the way from Colorado to spend a few days in Paris before hearing to London. They ordered our “Leon Picnic” with a very special strawberry birthday cake to celebrate their older son’s 18th birthday. We set up the picnic for them at the gardens of the Trocadero overlooking the eiffel tower. Olivier took a few family portraits for the occasion & everyone looked so happy & the pictures are full of life and happiness!

I love the bow ties they brought in their suitcases; I am a big fan actually, very classy for a parisian birthday outing with our gourmet picnics!

From our client: “We are home and I just downloaded all of the photos.  I am so pleased and can’t thank you enough for helping us create such a wonderful memento of our special trip with our boys.  Just amazing.  The picnic was delicious and the whole things was just perfect.  I keep thinking about the outstanding salad.  It was so fresh and delicious.  Does your wife share that recipe?  
We enjoyed reading the story to accompany our photos.  What a great experience. Our son loved his birthday cake by the way!  
Thank you again,

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris Picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Couple Picnic Paris Picnic Paris

Angelina + Sam A gourmet picnic and a photo session in Paris

Angelina + Sam had a lovely gourmet picnic and a photo session with “Love Picnic Paris” this morning. Here are a few of the lovely photos that Olivier took for them at the Trocadero today. We set up our “Amelie Poulain” for them at the gardens of the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel tower with a bottle of red wine, a market salad, hand picked cheeses & charcuterie at our local artisans on the rue Montorgueil. A carrot + coriander cold soup, ome made chocolate + apple + banana cake as well as some easter eggs for the occasion. It rained a bit in the morning (we had a plan B) just in case, but the weather cleared up to let us enjoy a beautiful day.

Happy Easter to everyone, we hope to meet in you Paris soon for one of our lovely picnic!


Picnic Menus Picnic Paris

Love Picnic Paris: “Amelie Poulain”

Love picnic Paris: “Amelie Poulain”

Amélie Poulain picnic is a feminine feast for two.
Focusing around a selection of delightful, homemade dishes
crafted with love and care in our Parisian kitchen, as well as
meticulously selected market produce, Amélie Poulain is a
romantic, ladylike and authentic take on the classic French
Picnic, delivered in a charming wicker basket.

Baguette tradition
Planche du marché
cured meats: cured ham, saucisson
hand selected cheeses
Quiche du marché
(Home made tart with
fresh market ingredients)
Fresh market salad
Seasonal fresh fruit
A bottle of wine:
French red, rosé, white wine
or limonade
Mineral water

Price: € 240,00 ( One basket for 2 people )

Flowers of the market: € 70,00

You can choose from a bottle of red, white or rose to enjoy your picnic with.

Champagne add € 50,00