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Picnic idea in Paris to celebrate your birthday

We love meeting new friends flying to Paris from all over the world! This time we met the Phillips family who flew all the way from Colorado to spend a few days in Paris before hearing to London. They ordered our “Leon Picnic” with a very special strawberry birthday cake to celebrate their older son’s 18th birthday. We set up the picnic for them at the gardens of the Trocadero overlooking the eiffel tower. Olivier took a few family portraits for the occasion & everyone looked so happy & the pictures are full of life and happiness!

I love the bow ties they brought in their suitcases; I am a big fan actually, very classy for a parisian birthday outing with our gourmet picnics!

From our client: “We are home and I just downloaded all of the photos.  I am so pleased and can’t thank you enough for helping us create such a wonderful memento of our special trip with our boys.  Just amazing.  The picnic was delicious and the whole things was just perfect.  I keep thinking about the outstanding salad.  It was so fresh and delicious.  Does your wife share that recipe?  
We enjoyed reading the story to accompany our photos.  What a great experience. Our son loved his birthday cake by the way!  
Thank you again,

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris Picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Paris picnic

Couple Picnic Paris Picnic Paris

Angelina + Sam A gourmet picnic and a photo session in Paris

Angelina + Sam had a lovely gourmet picnic and a photo session with “Love Picnic Paris” this morning. Here are a few of the lovely photos that Olivier took for them at the Trocadero today. We set up our “Amelie Poulain” for them at the gardens of the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel tower with a bottle of red wine, a market salad, hand picked cheeses & charcuterie at our local artisans on the rue Montorgueil. A carrot + coriander cold soup, ome made chocolate + apple + banana cake as well as some easter eggs for the occasion. It rained a bit in the morning (we had a plan B) just in case, but the weather cleared up to let us enjoy a beautiful day.

Happy Easter to everyone, we hope to meet in you Paris soon for one of our lovely picnic!


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Love Picnic Paris: “Amelie Poulain”

Love picnic Paris: “Amelie Poulain”

Amélie Poulain picnic is a feminine feast for two.
Focusing around a selection of delightful, homemade dishes
crafted with love and care in our Parisian kitchen, as well as
meticulously selected market produce, Amélie Poulain is a
romantic, ladylike and authentic take on the classic French
Picnic, delivered in a charming wicker basket.

Baguette tradition
Planche du marché
cured meats: cured ham, saucisson
hand selected cheeses
Quiche du marché
(Home made tart with
fresh market ingredients)
Fresh market salad
Seasonal fresh fruit
A bottle of wine:
French red, rosé, white wine
or limonade
Mineral water

Price: € 240,00 ( One basket for 2 people )

Flowers of the market: € 70,00

You can choose from a bottle of red, white or rose to enjoy your picnic with.

Champagne add € 50,00

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