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Love Picnic Paris for a unique Parisian engagement.


Each and every one of our Parisian proposal are quite unique. We want to make sure we understand our clients needs and special requests. Mark proposed to his girlfriend over at one our gourmet picnic. We had decided on the champ de mars overlooking the Eiffel tower for their Paris engagement celebration. Only we set up their gourmet picnic a little off the main site which can get a little crowded when the sun sets down.

There was a chance of rain on that day as well! It had been raining quite a bit in Paris lately. So we decided to set up their picnic close enough to one of the shelter we use in case of rain. We went out to purchase a couple of umbrellas as well! Lucky enough, the weather was quite nice and we all enjoyed a beautiful evening after all.


Professional photography for your Parisian engagement.

Our professional photographer will capture your engagement in a discreet manner as you arrive at the picnic site. We fine tune all of the little details together via email so that the whole event is properly coordinated!

Having said that your Paris proposal is captured in a discreet and natural way. The evening light was really beautiful on this particular evening. Our couple look really happy in those photographs.  I do LOVE this big bunch of red roses!

Our photographer will photograph your proposal then take a few photographs of the two of you while you sit down at the beginning of your picnic. You can then enjoy each other over your lunch or diner. Once you are finished, you can just text us, we will come and clear everything up for you. This way you can enjoy Paris and the Eiffel tower with our photographer for the remaining time of your photo session.

It is a lot of fun!

Lets enjoy a professional photographer for your Paris engagement.

Our Paris Engagement photography can last from a 1/2 hour mini photo session to one hour around the Eiffel tower for our usual photo coverage. Here is another one of our Paris engagement photo story as an example that we did just recently with a lovely couple from Denver.

Enjoy the great photography from Olivier, and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us!






romantic paris winter
Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris secret proposal

Paris winter romance for lovers.

Paris winter engagement and secret proposal.


If you are in a traveling mood with your love one over the Christmas season, surprise your partner with a unique proposal “extraordinaire” while visiting Paris. What is more romantic then an engagement in the city of love. You will wander the cobblestone streets of Paris, watch the  sunlight reflected in the river Seine. The beauty of Paris will sink deep into your heart. You will fall in love in any number of countless ways to the romance of our gorgeous city.


Unexpected and Chic Paris secret proposal.


“Love Picnic Paris” orchestrates an unexpected and chic way for you to pop the question in style this winter season.

We have arranged a stunning winter gourmet picnic proposal package.  Our stylish package is a specially crafted winter picnic set ready for the ultimate Parisian proposal at the foot of the Eiffel tower. Our gourmet picnic includes cashmere plaids and warm blankets to cuddle up under a Parisian sky.

“Love Picnic Paris” will decorate the site with our newly designed picnic set below. This year we have added candles and lights to decorate your picnic. Our selection of Parisian pillows will decorate the set with our traditional wicker picnic baskets. Your picnic will be served with champagne, hot wine, tea or coffee. We will have some balloons flying up high. We can include a specially crafted romantic bouquet of flowers. A violonist can be present to play one of your favorite song while you propose to your girlfriend. Your lover will definitely say : ” YES!”

paris engagement photographer

Your Paris engagement photo session with ” Love Picnic Paris”

Romantic gourmet picnic menu.


Our secret winter proposal surprise menu includes a hot soup, foie gras, smoked salmon, a hot meal with chicken and mash potatoes, “Pierre Hermé” macarons, gourmet chocolate cake for desert. Our special proposal package comes with a bottle of champagne as well as tea or coffee. You may wish to add a bouquet of creatively designed flowers, a musician as an option as well. Should you have any specific idea, do not hesitate to share it with us.

You will find more information about our secret proposal and engagement package in our Paris secret proposal page.

Romantic paris winter

A romantic winter picnic for your proposal.


We ourselves love the idea of having a romantic picnic in the city regardless of the season. We call it ” our Romantic adventure ” which we have decided to share with everyone.  Reach out via email to book your date. Do not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help. Our goal is to make your unique Paris proposal a dream come true.

We would ask you to be a little flexible with time and day. We may need to move your picnic hour a little in case of rain. There is a gorgeous sheltered site which we use at the champ de mars. It is designed by Gustave Eiffel. It has public benches where we can set up your picnic in case of light rain. You would be all rapped up in our cashmere blankets. Time will stop, you will just enjoy the moment together with the woman of your life. You will propose in style, pop up the bottle of champagne and enjoy the moment.

Our photographer would be capturing your proposal from the distance.We can also include a very cheap bottle of sparkling (to shake, pop and spray – for the photo session)

Once your lunch comes to an end, Olivier will take you around the Eiffel tower site for your engagement photo session. The photo session can go from one to three hours in the streets of Paris depending on your special needs.

Enjoy the photos below and again do not hesitate to get back to us with questions if need be.

romantic paris winter

Paris romantic picnic set from “Love Picnic Paris”.

paris winter romance

Romantic paris winter

An unexpected and chic Paris winter secret proposal.

paris engagement photographer

christmas romantic paris

winter paris bouquet

Celebrate your Paris engagement in style over the christmas season. 

paris christmas romantic

Paris secret proposal

paris engagement proposal

Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic

A gourmet picnic and a romantic photo session at the Eiffel tower

A few GORGEOUS photographs from a picnic happening today at the Trocadero followed by a lifestyle photo session with Olivier! Some really cool photographs in black and white. I Love black and white photography… They are so romantic and timeless. I still enjoy looking at my parents pictures when they were young, those old family albums in black and white were just stunning. So glad that black and white is coming back to fashion these days.

Ella and Andrejs enjoyed our “Amelie Poulain” picnic at the Trocadero with an hour of photos around the site. We had the picnic set up for them when they arrived. Ella did not know anything about it. She was a little surprised when she found out! All of the little details had been well planned in advance.

We communicate via text message the morning of if need be, nothing is left aside.We would send you the map of the exact location geolocalized, so that you can let yourself being guided to the spot if need be with your phone. We make sure that the location is very easy to find for everyone, even if you have never been to Paris before.

Gourmet paris picnic eiffel tower

Ella and Andrejs photographed by Olivier at the Bir-Hakeim bridge following their picnic.

Trocadero square

View of the Trocadero from the Eiffel tower. Marked in red the spot where we would usually set up our picnics at the Trocadero gardens.




Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris engagement photographer

Paris engagement photographer



Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic

A Picnic in Paris and a couple photo session

A week in beautiful Paris for John and Alissa. They enjoyed one of our picnic at the Trocadero overlooking the eiffel tower on their very first day!

Olivier our skillful photographer took them around the site for a few memory photographs. Here a few photographs of their couple photo session. They look so happy together. Great job from our photographer, fun and lively story of a couple in love in Paris.

A gourmet picnic and a couple photo session with “Love Picnic Paris”

Couple Picnic Paris Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic Paris Picnic Proposal Paris secret proposal Paris vegan picnic

Paris secret proposal + gourmet picnic at Le Louvre

We prepared a Vegan gourmet picnic for Marthy and Meg a few days ago at the gardens of the Louvre. Marthy had reached out to us to ask whether we could possibly arrange for a vegan picnic for his surprise proposal. WE said ” YES” why not! Not being fluent in the art of preparing a vegan picnic, we went around town to a few vegan stores and discovered how this trend is quickly developing in the city with vegan bakeries, restaurant and food stores as well as a cool tea shop on rue Voltaire in the 11th where we purchased a selection of vegan cakes which we of course had to try ourselves. AND yes happily surprised we were after all. Below a few of the photographs taken by Olivier during the proposal. They looked so happy together, the photos are gorgeous and they enjoyed their vegan picnic.

It started raining towards the end of the picnic so Olivier rushed to the car and grabbed a couple of umbrellas which he dropped off to them. He snapped a photo with his iphone as he was leaving. So cool …. The rain did not stop them from enjoying their gorgeous evening in the city of love!

Paris vegan picnic
Paris secret proposal



Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal

Paris boheme picnic
Couple Picnic Paris Paris bohemian picnic

Countrystyle Boheme picnic buttes Chaumont Paris

Did I tell you? I am taking some classes in flower arrangement at the moment in Paris! I have had a wonderful time creating bouquets over the past three weeks with my new friends. The classes are around the corner from the park of the Buttes Chaumont. We decided on an impromptu picnic over night. I set up a charming flower decoration, plates and dishes with Stephanie, Daphné and Myriam then we shared this beautiful moment with all our classmates! Crazy idea!

Our wonderful teacher Christelle was so surprised when she saw the set up ! Enjoy some of the photographs that we took over at the Buttes Chaumont for our lovely Parisian bohemian style picnic.


Miyoko.Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic  Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic _DSC9696   Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic