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Versailles gardens picnics.

“Love Picnic Paris” now proposes gourmet picnics to our clients at the gardens of Versailles. The Palace of Versailles was originally built in 1624 as a simple, countryside royal retreat for hunting purposes. King Louis XIV, the Sun King, developped a genuine liking for the surrounding  countryside. Louis XIV had a vision & dedicated 50 years of his reign to fulfill his life long dream. In 1682, he moved both the royal residence and French seat of government to Versailles. Versailles is today one of the most extraordinary achievements of 17th century European architecture.

versailles oak tree

Versailles 350 year old pedunculate oak tree.

Versailles castle is located 1/2 hour west of Paris on the way to the Normandy region and the garden of Monet in Giverny. We simply adore going there for the afternoon. It is the perfect escape from city life. The park of Versailles is the most enchanted and peaceful destination rich in French history.

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Picnic versailles

A gourmet picnic at Versailles.

We host our Versailles picnics either at the grand canal or at a park on the way to the Trianon palace.  Strolling through the park is like walking through part of the history of France. From the French-style gardens in front of the Palace to the English garden at the Trianon, the Estate of Versailles is home to the most extraordinary species of trees. Today, specific Versailles gardens tours are organized in the park counting the history of some of the most amazing trees in France.

* We are sharing a brochure from the Versailles estate with some historal background on those Versailles admirable trees .

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Park of the grand Trianon for a picnic.

We often host our gourmet picnics under the doyen of the historical trees planted in the park over 300 years ago. This pedunculate oak tree which dates from the time of Louis XIV will shed you from the afternoon sun.  Planted in 1668, it is 36 metres high and the circumference of its trunk is more than 5 metres! It was grown from seed planted in 1670 when Louis XIV and architect André Le Nôtre initiated the construction of the Park.

Famous landscape designer André Le Nôtre was commissioned to design the park from 1661 onwards. A number of full-size adult trees were dug up from the forests of
Normandy and replanted at Versailles. Nurseries were set up in the park, helping boost homegrown tree production over time. The woodland of the Park is still today mainly composed of beautiful oaks and chestnut trees. At the time of Louis XIV’s death, they were known to cover 5,000 acres of the Estate’s entire area.

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Picnic Versailles

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Versailles’ park heritage has expanded over the years to include rare trees from far-off lands such as the American tulip tree and  the Japanese Pagoda tree. Along side our Picnic ancestral Oak tree trone some magnificient cedar trees from Lebanon planted around 1770. You will also find a bald Cypress, an English oak trees, a Ginkgo Bilobas trees, as well as a purple cooper beech trees planted in the surroundings.

Versailles historical trees

From the brochure of Admirable trees of Versailles.

picnic in versailles

Versailles guided tours, gourmet picnics & photography.

“Love Picnic Paris” collaborates with a few experienced professional guides who  customize private guided tour of the estate. Here is the link to the official Versailles estate site where you can also purchase your day pass. We recommend that you visit the castle in the morning. You will venture through the State apartments that includes the King’s & Queen’s Chamber, the famous Hall of Mirrors.

You can then head down to the canal for a well deserved lunch. We will have one of our gourmet picnic all set up & waiting for you. Our goumet picnics can be catered for up to 30 guests. A typical menu would include French traditional baguette, a selection of cheeses, a selection of cold meats, a vegetable market salad, a French vegetable quiche, seasonal fruits and a chocolate cake.

*A few options are available such as flowers, professional photography, champagne.

*We could aslo arrange for a car service as well as a professional tour guide.

versailles estate direction map

Versailles logistic map  & day planning.

The palace and the gardens are open to public every day of the year. While the main palace opens at 9:00 AM, the Palace of Trianon and Marie Antoinette’s Estate open at 12:00 PM.

The park is open to the public every day of the year from 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM.

  • 1/ Your driver can enter the park via the “Cours de la reine entrance” and drive you all the way down to the grand canal. The entrance fee is €12 for a day pass for the car. Alternatively, your driver can drop you off at the main entrance in the morning if you have purchased your tickets online. The Estate morning visits starts at 9am.
  • 2/ Following your morning visit, you can walk all the way down to the grand canal across the main gardens. Your gourmet picnic will be waiting for you either at the canal or at the petit Tricanon park.  We will geo localize the exact picnic location 1/2 hour prior to your arrival time. The picnic set up time is usually around 12h30. (spots are marked 2/3 on the map) All that you have to do is enjoy your picnic hour with family and friends. We will be on call if needs be. We will also dismantle your picnic once you have finished.
  • 3/ You can then carry on with your afternoon visit being well rested. The grand trianon and the gardens of the queen will be steps away for you to enjoy.

Picnic Versailles

  • Versailles Engagement photo serie shot by our photographer in the gardens of Versailles. The picnic was set up under this beautiful oak tree we talked about.

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Versailles parks

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picnic versailles

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picnic in versailles

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