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Couple Picnic Paris Picnic Menus

Love Picnic Paris:”Jeanne”

Love Picnic Paris: “Jeanne” 

Jeanne picnic is perfectly sweet. With delicate treats including French specialities
such as macarons, gourmet chocolates and refreshing artisanal juice, it’s a luxurious,
Parisian take on the conventional afternoon tea delivered in a charming wicker
basket. A fitting opportunity to spend a lovely moment with your sweet heart.

Home made desert
(chocolate cake or tarte tatin…)
Fresh fruit from the
market (for example:
strawberries with
chantilly cream)
Sweet treats: macarons,
gourmet chocolates…
Artisanal juice
Mineral water

Price : €235 ( 1 basket for 2 people )

Paris picnic

Couple Picnic Paris Picnic Menus

Love Picnic Paris:”Edith Piaf”

Love Picnic Paris: “Edith Piaf” 

Edith Piaf picnic creates all the romance needed for a date between lovers in Paris,  perfect for an original proposal & a romantic celebration. Splendid, refined French food of the best quality, decor accessories such as cushions, candles, designer plates. It is an ideal setting for a unique Parisian experience. With a bottle of champagne, your picnic is delivered in the ultimate wicker basket.

Baguette tradition

Foie gras
Roast Beef with Ratatouille & Smoked salmon with
French cottage cheese
and herbs
Fresh soup (cold or hot)
Dessert (ex: macaroons,
gourmet chocolates…)
Champagne &
A bottle of wine:
French red, rosé,
white wine
or lemonade
Mineral water

Price : €440 ( 1 basket for 2 people )

 Surprise picnic set up included


Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

Love Picnic Paris offers bespoke picnic experiences in the heart of Paris. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, stunning views, and personalized service for unforgettable moments.
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