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 French tradition at the Eiffel tower.

The French call it : “Galette des Rois” which translates as ” French King cake”. I have to say it sounds great in French. It is a biblical tradition that celebrates the visit of the Magi to Christ. The season for this gorgeous almond cake extends to the end of the Twelve days of christmas. “King cake parties” is a real delight for kids.They are celebrated all over the country. It is the occasion for another family reunion over the festive season. Whoever gets the King cake trinket is expected to choose his king or queen and share his crown for the day.

We wanted to share one of our lovely tradition with Whitney and Shawn for their last day in Paris.

Red heart shaped balloons with your picnic.

We included a bottle of sparkling wine for Shawn to shake, pop and spray – for the photo session. It is certainly a fun way to enjoy a romantic moment with your lover and celebrate life, love, and happiness. Shawn asked for some red heart shaped balloons as well. We used those gorgeous red heart balloons quite a bit during Whitney and Shawn’s romantic photo session. They looked so perfect & fun to play with. We now propose our new balloons sets to our gourmet picnics & secret proposal packages along with a bottle of sparkling to have fun with.

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Your romantic gourmet picnic for the saint Valentine’s day.

We are now taking orders for paris Valentine’s day‘s celebrations. We propose to our clients a winter style gourmet picnics at the eiffel tower with cachemire plaids and warm woolen blankets over the christmas season. Our winter picnics come with our traditional wicker baskets, cushions, candles, sparkling lights, umbrellas …. Each picnic can be customized to your liking if you have any special requests. Whitney and Shawn enjoyed a bottle of chilled champagne with warm vegetable soup, Foie gras and smoked salmon.  They had roasted chicken with seasonal vegetables as a main course. For desert, they enjoyed a “galette des Rois” with fresh fruits and traditional goat cheese yogurt.

Your Paris romantic photo session.

All of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with a romantic photo shoot with Olivier; our lifestyle photographer. A typical photo shoot can take any time from 1/2 an hour at the Eiffel tower to a three hours photo story across Paris. Here are a few photographs taken by our photographer just recently at the place des Vosges, in the Marais district. I love Olivier’s style of photography. His photographs are vibrant and always lively.

Enjoy one of his romantic photo session in the Marais. The pictures are amazingly beautiful.

Remember to reserve your date quite early for your Paris Saint Valentin’s winter gourmet picnic and photo shoot. We will prepare our picnics for just two couples on this very special day.

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