Paris gourmet picnic
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A Parisian style birthday picnic.

There are 1001 ways to enjoy a birthday celebration in Paris. Our client contacted “Love Picnic Paris” to surprise her husband with a gourmet picnic at the champ de mars for his 40th birthday anniversary. We suggested a spot we favor off the main path of the park. Considering that the Eiffel tower stands at the edge of the park and that the surroundings are considered to be the number one touristic destination in Paris, it is surprisingly quite peaceful. It is also one of our favorite picnic location alongside the Trocadero gardens and the Luxembourg gardens in saint Germain des Près. Steps away from the Eiffel tower, you feel like you have the city to yourself at this champ de Mars picnic location! There are also  lots of gorgeous trees on the site where one can shed in case of a summer heat wave! It is also a perfect way to end a morning tour with your Paris tour guide.


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You will find a few videos of our champ de Mars picnics that we have posted recently on our instagram page .


paris picnic

End your Paris morning tour with a picnic.

Actually, If you require any tours of Paris, please let us know and we would be happy to pass on the contact details of a fantastic small business. They specialize in classic but also quirky, off-the-beaten track neighbourhood gourmet and walking tours, as well as a large selection of children’s tours and more! You will discover Paris with interactive and intellectually stimulating walking tours, introducing local artisans and gourmet connoisseurs in a relaxed atmosphere with exclusive behind-the-scenes visits.

Paris gourmet picnic

Choose your preferred picnic style.

We have four different gourmet picnics to choose from. I would suggest you head to our service page for an overall view of our 4 different picnic styles. Jolinda opted for our ” Edith Piaf ” romantic picnic set up which we customized for her. Her picnic came with a traditional baguette, a selection of cold meats as well as a selection of French cheeses. They enjoyed a vegetable quiche with a fresh market salad followed by roast beef and ratatouille. She surprised her husband with a chocolate birthday cake. ( We added a few candles and a lighter for the event ). Our romantic French style picnic is served with a bottle of champagne and macarons for the sweet tooths.

French style deco and creative photography.

While our first three picnics come with a traditional red squared blanket & our traditional wicker blankets, ” Edith Piaf ” is a little more elaborate! we will have your gourmet picnic all ready for you to enjoy with our baskets, cushions, an umbrella, balloons, candles. We collaborate with a professional photographer who can capture those precious moments for you. Olivier took a few photos of our clients when they arrived at the picnic so that he could capture the surprise effect! Once our clients finished their lunch, Olivier took them around the champ de mars for a mini walking tour around the eiffel tower so that they have gorgeous memories of the day in the city. They had a great time and it was a lot of fun for us to put everything together.

Visiting Normandy during your stay.

We would like to reming you all that we are now proposing picnics in the Normandy Region. If you are planning a trip to the D Day beaches, get in touch with us. We would love to set up one of our surprise picnic for you while you are traveling through Normandy this summer.

You will find a little more information in our “Travel to Normandy” page. Do not hesitate to reach out with any question, we would be delighted to assist you with your France travels experience.

Paris gourmet picnic

Paris gourmet picnic

Paris gourmet picnic

Paris gourmet picnic

Paris gourmet picnic

Paris gourmet picnic

Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

Love Picnic Paris offers bespoke picnic experiences in the heart of Paris. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, stunning views, and personalized service for unforgettable moments.
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