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Paris romantic winter engagement

A Paris romantic winter engagement.

There is no real season for a Paris engagement photo session and a traditional  gourmet picnic.  We had the great pleasure to produce a Paris romantic winter engagement just recently for our clients. Our clients flew all the way from San Francisco. First time in Paris, first time in France for both of them.

Ian reached out to us with the idea of proposing to his girlfriend while staying in Paris. We organized our winter gourmet deco picnic at the Eiffel Tower for them.

Because of the winter season, we may ask you to be a little flexible with time and schedule for your event. We would be in touch the day before to finalize all of the little details together. In case of a rainy forecast during the day, we might suggest to wait a little while or postpone to the next day if possible. We can also set up your picnic under one of the shelter at the champ de Mars.

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Paris proposal with a gourmet picnic.

We do propose a winter Picnic menu for the winter season. Our winter deco picnic comes with a traditional baguette, a hot vegetable soup, a selection of cheeses, a selection of cold meats, a vegetable quiche, seasonal salad, fruits and chocolates. Our Paris picnic is also served with hot tea and champagne. An engagement picnic is usually set up either at the Eiffel Tower or Versailles gardens.

Our gourmet winter picnic also comes with a beautiful deco set up. It includes our traditional wicker picnic baskets, a set of designer cushions, a couple of cashmere plaids, a warm cotton blanket, customized menu, candles.

You will also find our different Paris engagement packages on our proposal page. Any question you may have, a special request, simply reach out via email. We would be delighted to assist you with your Paris picnic & a Paris proposal. It is a lot of fun for us as well to simply meet new clients.

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A Paris professional photographer for your engagement.

Any of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with a professional photo session. You will also find detailed information on our proposal page which includes various engagement photography sessions.

This is how it goes!

We make the process very easy. Our gourmet picnic would be set up and ready to enjoy when you arrive at the choosen location. It is usually best to propose when you arrive to the picnic set once settled.

Our photographer would take your surprise proposal photos from the distance. He would then introduce himself and take a few more photographs at the picnic site during the first half hour. You can then crack open the bottle of champagne & enjoy your Paris picnic with your loved one.

You would usually have an hour and a half to enjoy your gourmet picnic. Once you finish your lunch, our photographer can take you around the Eiffel Tower for another half hour. Engagement packages offer different photography lengths from a mini photo session to two hours of professional photography around Paris.

A unique Parisian experience.

Ian and Jay had their engagement photographed when they arrived at the champ de Mars. Following their lunch hour, our photographer took them around the Eiffel tower for the remaining 1/2 hour of photography.

We organised another hour of photography at the Louvre, rue de Rivoli and the gardens of the palais Royal. My favorite location for engagement photos although Paris is simply gorgeous all over.

Paris picnic

One of our latest review from our clients.

Little recap on planning a unique Paris engagement :

  • Choose your gourmet picnic engagement package from our proposal page.
  • Decide on a date & time for your event.
  • Choose in between Paris & Versailles.
  • Opt for a sunrise surprise proposal.
  • A day before the event, reach out via whatsapp so that we confirm everything together.
  • Dont be late, we’ll set up everything for you as planned.
  • Your picnic will be geo localized.
  • You will receive your engagement photos in high definition the next day, edited and retouched from the best Paris engagement photographer.

Enjoy Paris and a beautiful vacation! 😊

paris deco picnic

Our deco gourmet Paris picnic set up at one of the shelter at the champ de mars.

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A Paris lifestyle photo story for your engagement.

* Note on your Paris engagement photo session: Just relax as you will be in very good hands! We are highly experienced in producing one of a kind romantic gourmet picnics in Paris.

Our Paris engagement photographer has the right skills, experience & personnality to make your surprise proposal full of sheer happiness!

Our Paris engagement photo stories speak for themselves. Scroll down our blog to discover some of our latest engagements stories photographed in Paris.

Our photographer approaches couple photo sessions & engagement photography with a real fun attitude. Olivier is also very passionate about his craft. The photos are neither posed or set up but shot in a lifestyle manner, full of life. With 20 years of experience in the industry, olivier will make you feel like superstars!

Engagement ring

You can now reserve your Paris picnic for the 2024 season! Add some family portraits, a Paris engagement photo session to your picnic experience.

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