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A gourmet picnic and a romantic photo session at the Eiffel tower

A Gourmet Picnic And a Romantic Photo Session At The Eiffel Tower

A few GORGEOUS photographs from a picnic happening today at the Trocadero followed by a lifestyle photo session with Olivier! Some really cool photographs in black and white. I Love black and white photography… They are so romantic and timeless. I still enjoy looking at my parents pictures when they were young, those old family albums in black and white were just stunning. So glad that black and white is coming back to fashion these days.

Ella and Andrejs enjoyed our “Amelie Poulain” picnic at the Trocadero with an hour of photos around the site. We had the picnic set up for them when they arrived. Ella did not know anything about it. She was a little surprised when she found out! All of the little details had been well planned in advance.

We communicate via text message the morning of if need be, nothing is left aside.We would send you the map of the exact location geolocalized, so that you can let yourself being guided to the spot if need be with your phone. We make sure that the location is very easy to find for everyone, even if you have never been to Paris before.

Gourmet paris picnic eiffel tower

Ella and Andrejs photographed by Olivier at the Bir-Hakeim bridge following their picnic.

Trocadero square

View of the Trocadero from the Eiffel tower. Marked in red the spot where we would usually set up our picnics at the Trocadero gardens.




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Paris secret proposal photographer

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