Sunrise proposal in Paris
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Sunrise proposal in Paris

A sunrise proposal in Paris.

This past week end, we organised a sunrise proposal in Paris! Such a gorgeous morning it was. We set up our deco gourmet picnic at the champ de Mars, overlooking the Eiffel tower. We suggested to our client to propose by 8am. This way they could have the whole park to themselves! It was a lovely morning, the park was indeed very peaceful at this time. There were only a few people around, mainly walking their dogs and jogging. Such a Parisian thing to do!

Marius proposed to his girlfriend when they arrived at the picnic site. We organised half an hour of engagement photos prior to the picnic with our professional photographer. The light is gorgeous at this time of the day. If you are an early bird, it is a great idea to get to the park at sunrise.

Your Eiffel tower engagement.

The Eiffel tower area can get a little busy during the day to say the least. Planning your engagement early enough, you will skip the crowd and enjoy a unique Parisian experience. You also will be able to enjoy the city of light waking up to its full beauty. Because our clients are usually a little jetlag travelling to Paris, it is not too difficult to head to the Eiffel tower that early afterall. I assure you it is really worth it! You will get some great photos for your engagement with our professional photographer.

Your engagement photos will be carefully edited and retouched. The selection will be sent out to you in high resolution format the next day. You will receive a wetransfer link that you can send with your parents back home for the next 7 days.

A unique Parisian experience.

A gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower is a unique Parisian experience. Whether a sunrise proposal in Paris or a romantic outing with your partner, the experience is also a lot of fun.

Todays clients enjoyed a bottle of chilled champagne with an iced bucket. French traditional baguette, croissants, a selection of cheeses, a vegetable quiche, smoked salmon, sweets and macarons were part of the menu.

Our deco gourmet picnic are set up with our traditional wicker baskets, vintage table cloths, umbrellas, lovely cushions, candles, cashmere plaids and a written menu. We set up to find the best spot when we arrive on site in the morning. Please note that we do propose gourmet picnics at the gardens of Versailles as well. You will find a few engagement stories either on our blog or on our instagram page.


Placing your order for your surprise proposal.

You will find a lot of information on our website. If you are interested in a surprise proposal, it might be best to head directly to our proposal page.

Paris Proposal

We crafted different packages for our clients. Our proposal gourmet picnics can be set up either in Paris or the gardens of Versailles. We offer different times as well as different menus. Any of our proposal packages include professional photography.

You can always get in touch via email should you have any specific request.  Enjoy the photos of our clients sunrise proposal in Paris. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.