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Love Picnic Paris for a unique Parisian engagement.


Each and every one of our Parisian proposal are quite unique. We want to make sure we understand our clients needs and special requests. Mark proposed to his girlfriend over at one our gourmet picnic. We had decided on the champ de mars overlooking the Eiffel tower for their Paris engagement celebration. Only we set up their gourmet picnic a little off the main site which can get a little crowded when the sun sets down.

There was a chance of rain on that day as well! It had been raining quite a bit in Paris lately. So we decided to set up their picnic close enough to one of the shelter we use in case of rain. We went out to purchase a couple of umbrellas as well! Lucky enough, the weather was quite nice and we all enjoyed a beautiful evening after all.


Professional photography for your Parisian engagement.

Our professional photographer will capture your engagement in a discreet manner as you arrive at the picnic site. We fine tune all of the little details together via email so that the whole event is properly coordinated!

Having said that your Paris proposal is captured in a discreet and natural way. The evening light was really beautiful on this particular evening. Our couple look really happy in those photographs.  I do LOVE this big bunch of red roses!

Our photographer will photograph your proposal then take a few photographs of the two of you while you sit down at the beginning of your picnic. You can then enjoy each other over your lunch or diner. Once you are finished, you can just text us, we will come and clear everything up for you. This way you can enjoy Paris and the Eiffel tower with our photographer for the remaining time of your photo session.

It is a lot of fun!

Lets enjoy a professional photographer for your Paris engagement.

Our Paris Engagement photography can last from a 1/2 hour mini photo session to one hour around the Eiffel tower for our usual photo coverage. Here is another one of our Paris engagement photo story as an example that we did just recently with a lovely couple from Denver.

Enjoy the great photography from Olivier, and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask us!