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Paris secret proposal Le Louvre

A gourmet picnic and lifestyle photography.

Our latest secret proposal venture combining a gourmet picnic and a mini photo session at the gardens of the Louvre with our photographer. When we started ‘Love Paris Picnic ” the idea was to share our love for picnics, outings with friends and creative photography. Olivier is a very talented photographer with a vast experience in lifestyle and portrait photography.

Paris being the city of love, we quickly found our marks, catering for very special secret proposals but not only! You can of course order a gourmet picnic from us via our picnic order page. We have four different gourmet picnics to choose from. I have to say that it is a real delight to organise a secret proposal in our wonderful city for our international clients. It is equally rewarding to prepare a delightful picnic in one of our wicker basket for friends, families and partners in crime who wish to have a special experience in Paris, something that is truly a “French tradition”.

Back to our lovers outings, we assist you with finding the perfect site, a romantic and peaceful setting. We will set up the most romantic gourmet picnic with one of our wicker basket, lovely cushions, candles, umbrella to shade yourself from the sun if need be. We would also dismantle the set up once you are finished so that you can carry on with your visit without having to worry about returns.

As to photography! Olivier would document your proposal from the distance in a discreet fashion. This way you have some creative visuals of a very important moment in your life. The photos would be retouched and sent out to you the next day so that you can share your love with friends and family while still vacationing.

Here is the page where you can choose one of our designed lovers package if you plan on proposing while visiting Paris. Paris secret proposal: Three different packages combine a gourmet picnic with a creative lovers photo session.

We have actually put together different packages specially catered for lovers that combine one of our delightful picnic with a photo session in the streets of Paris from a mini 1/2 hour photo shoot to an extensive 3 hours photo tour at some of the most beautiful Paris landmarks with Olivier.

Our picnics are usually set up at the gardens of the Trocarero, the gardens of the Louvre or the Luxembourg gardens. All three Parisian locations have their own specific charm and atmosphere. We love them all! Our picnics can be tailored to your specific needs as well. We have actually put together a vegan picnic recently for one of our client. This was a new experience for us. Jamie proposed at the Louvre gardens. It was a fun event to organize.
Here are some sample photographs taken by Olivier during the proposal.
Paris secret proposal – The Louvre.

Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

Love Picnic Paris offers bespoke picnic experiences in the heart of Paris. Enjoy gourmet cuisine, stunning views, and personalized service for unforgettable moments.
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We’d love to create magical moments for you!

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