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Paris gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower gourmet picnic in the fall.

The fall season has arrived in Paris, with it some beautiful days ahead. The vista over the Eiffel tower is soon going to turn gold …  And we simply cannot wait. Just recently, we set up our deco gourmet picnic for two lovely ladies with a couple of traditional wicker picnic basket, some cushions, umbrellas, candles, four huge balloons and so on. Our dear clients and friends for the afternoon had a real exquisite moment, chatting away & enjoying our “Edith Piaf” picnic at the gardens of the Trocadero. You will find a few photographs from the event below.

For those of you who visit our website for the first time, I have included to this post a few general guidelines about our company. It is a real delight to prepare and set up one of our Parisian gourmet picnic for couples, families and friends at one or our picnic location such as the champ de Mars or the Trocadero gardens overlooking the Eiffel tower. Below is the map of where the picnic would normally be set up for you. It is very close to the foot of the Eiffel tower, quite peaceful and easily accessible. Please note that we also offer picnics at the Luxembourg gardens, the Louvre gardens as well as the gardens of versailles.


Map of one of our picnic location at the Trocadero gardens.

Family picnic affair in the city.

We cater for couples as well as larger groups looking for a unique Parisian experience. You will find four different picnic menus to choose from in our service page. Each of our gourmet picnics can be catered to your very unique requirements.

Our group picnics are served with traditional French baguette, cured meats and hand selected cheeses. The picnic comes with a vegetable quiche as well as a seasonal market salad. Seasonal fruits and chocolate cake for desert with wine and lemonade for the kids.

Example of one of our birthday family picnic at the Eiffel tower.

Our Gourmet picnic set up and decor.

All of our picnics include a surprise set up with our wicker baskets, blankets, balloons. We propose a more elaborate  decoration set up with cushions, candles and umbrellas for our romantic “Edith Piaf ” gourmet picnic. Regardless of the picnic you opt for, all that you have to do is enjoy your time with your family without having to worry about logistic. We will set up your picnic for you. We will be on call during the picnic hours and present to clear the picnic set up for you once you are finished. You can simply carry on with your visit or your photo session after your lunch. The picnic is usually set up for you by 13h30 but time is really flexible.

Classic gourmet picnic set up at the Eiffel tower for a family reunion.

Our Romantic secret proposal gourmet picnics.

If you are interested in our romantic picnic for two, you will find our menus with different option in our service page. We propose four different picnic style for couples. You will find descriptions as well as prices on the page as well. You may be thinking to propose to your girlfriend on a trip to Paris. If so, we have put together a secret proposal package.

Our secret proposal services include creative photography which you will find as an option in our service page as well as champagne, musician and so on.

For picnics over two people, it is best to contact us directly for a quote. Please note that our picnics appeal to a high end clientele. We do not offer “Picnics to go” in paper bags. Our picnics are in a way quite elaborate. Below you will find sample visuals with our wicker baskets and classic “Edith Piaf” set up. Again, our picnics are all prepared and set up by us at a chosen location prior to meeting our clients. When they arrive on site the picnic is all ready for you to enjoy.

romantic picnic parisRomantic  set up for our “Edith Piaf” picnic at the Trocadero gardens. 

All of our picnics can be coupled with creative lifestyle photography. We work with the best photographer in town.


One of our couple photographed at the Eiffel tower.

You can enjoy a larger selection of our couple story on this page.

Please let us know if you are considering to organise a special event in the city with one of our picnic idea. Do not hesitate to send us an email with some general information. We would be glad to send you a proposal  in return within the following couple of days. Meanwhile enjoy a few photographs taken by Olivier at the Trocadero gardens recently with our clients.

Paris-eiffel tower picnic

Paris-eiffel tower picnic

eiffel proposal

eiffel secret proposal

Paris-eiffel tower picnic

paris gourmet picnic

Paris-eiffel tower picnic

eiffel proposal

eiffel tower proposal

Paris-eiffel tower picnic


secret proposal

Paris-eiffel tower picnic

eiffel proposal

paris secret proposal