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Gay proposal in PARIS

A Gay proposal in Paris

Wonderful GAY proposal in Paris.

We are always excited to plan our clients Paris engagement with our stylish gourmet picnics. It is also with great pleasure that we capture your same sex, lesbian or gay proposal in Paris with professional photography.

Our client proposed at the Luxembourg gardens in the heart of Saint Germais des Près. The Luxembourg gardens is definitely one of our favorite Paris park to host our gourmet picnics.

Model sailboats on the Grand Bassin are a total enjoyment for kids and grown ups alike. The park is home to numerous statues & the romantic medici fountain.  Since the late nineteenth century, the garden is also home to a traditional marionette theater as well as a stunning greenhouse located past the tennis courts. It also hosts a XIX century orangerie frequently used for art shows.

The Luxembourg garden is a peaceful heaven in the heart of the city for everyone to enjoy. It is utterly romantic & so perfect for your gay proposal in Paris.

Paris gay engagement

Our Clients Reviews

Before you head to our Paris proposal page to order your gourmet picnic and choose your proposal package, I would strongly suggest that you read some of our clients reviews. We are very proud to say that we have only had 5 stars reviews on google! It has been simply a wonderful experience to meet each and everyone of our clients in Paris.

We’ve only had great memories of the wonderful gay proposal we planned for our Paris clients. Some of you, we know we will meet again later on in life for another romantic picnic in the city.

Paris LGBT Proposal

Propose in Paris during the Olympics.

During the summer Olympics, we probably wont be able to orchastrate your proposal with a view of the Eiffel tower. At the moment, we planned on setting up our Paris proposal picnics either at the Luxembourg gardens, the park Monceau or the gardens of Versailles.

Our clients had their proposal photographed by our professional photographer when they arrived at the picnic location. The proposal photos were taken from the distance at first so that our photographer would not interfere with this very romantic moment.

They had a total of two hours of photography for their engagement. I hope that you will enjoy some of the photos that we have featured on the blog.

Very much looking forward to meeting you in the city this coming summer. Any specific question regarding your forthcoming Paris LGBT proposal, reach out, we would be delighted to speak to all of you.

Paris LGBT Proposal

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Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

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