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A Fun Proposal in Paris.

A 1001 ways to propose in Paris!

Indeed there are a 1001 ways to propose in Paris. We LOVE our city! Born and raised in Paris … After living abroad for over 20 years, from which 10 were spent in NYC, we thought it was time to settle back home. We started “Love Picnic Paris” shortly after with the idea of sharing our passion for French culture & art de vivre à la Francaise!

Over the years, we have gained a certain expertise in the art of planning engagements for our clients that fit their style and personnality. We propose to our clients a traditional French style picnic experience with some real photography!

Below a few ideas on romantic locations in Paris & Versailles to get engaged. 💕If you are looking for some advice on proposing to your partner while visiting Paris, you are most welcome reach out to us directly via email.

Advices in getting engaged in Paris.

A few days ago, I bumped in an article about the 10 best ways to get engaged in Paris! Being curious & in the business of assisting clients with their Paris proposal, I took the time to read the article! I was only half surprise to notice that we propose to our clients three of the ten ideas suggested in the article.

eiffel proposal

Trocadero garden proposal idea.

Eiffel tower proposal.

Number one on the list was the Eiffel Tower: It titled “The ultimate cliché” but hey, it’s a cliché for a reason! As the sun sets, the city lights up, and so does your love. Pop the question on the top deck for a memory that’ll sparkle like the tower itself. Enjoy our engagent picnic set with wonderful lifestyle photography with ” Love Picic Paris”…

I first climbed the tower around 7 year of age. I still remember vividly the experience. I went back up a few times since with friends and family. Each time it is unique and very exciting afternoon. The view over Paris is breathtaking and the tower itself a real beauty!

A Luxembourg gardens proposal.

Picnic in Luxembourg Gardens: You can grab a baguette, some cheese, and a bottle of wine. Find a cozy spot in the Luxembourg Gardens and ask for forever amidst the lush greenery and serene fountains.

Alternatively we can set up one of our gorgeous French style deco gourmet picnic for you to enjoy. Here is an exemple of one of our Luxembourg gardens proposal.

You seal the moment with a kiss, and then pop open the champagne to toast to your future together. The Luxembourg Gardens, with its timeless beauty and romantic charm, will forever be the place where your journey together took a beautiful new turn.
Luxembourg Gardens offer an idyllic and intimate setting for a proposal, making it a perfect choice for couples who appreciate a blend of natural beauty and classic Parisian romance.

We will have our professional photographer photograph your proposal when you arrive at the picnic site from the distance.

Luxembourg garden proposal

Luxembourg gardens afternoon proposal.

Day trip at Versailles for your proposal.

Versailles Day Trip: Take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors or the lush gardens make a regal backdrop for a royal proposal. Visit the estates in the morning & walk down the gardens to the canal area. We will again set up one of our gorgeous picnic set for your Versailles proposal. Our photographer will take you around the gardens after your picnic for some fun engagement photos.

The Gardens of Versailles, known in French as “Les Jardins de Versailles,” were created during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King. This grand project was designed to complement the splendor of the Palace of Versailles, which was transformed from a modest hunting lodge into the epicenter of French political power and the embodiment of absolute monarchy. We love ourselves heading to Versailles for the afternoon.

paris couple photographer

Getting engaged at Versailles estates.

Other ideas for a Paris proposal.

Boat Ride on the Seine: Rent a private boat or hop on a public cruise. As you glide past Notre Dame and under the city’s historic bridges, drop down on one knee. The gentle waves and the city’s charm make it a perfect setting.

Montmartre Magic: Head to Montmartre, the artist’s district. After exploring the charming streets and taking in the views from Sacré-Cœur, find a quaint café or a hidden alleyway to ask the big question.

Louvre Courtyard at Night: The Louvre is beautiful by day, but it’s magical at night. Stand by the glass pyramid, let the museum’s lights set the mood, and let your love story become a masterpiece.

Lock Bridge Romance: While the original love lock bridge is no more, you can still find plenty of places to attach a lock and toss the key into the Seine. Make it official with a lock and a proposal.

Street Music Serenade: Paris is full of street musicians. Find a performer who’s willing to play your song, and as the music fills the air, let your heart do the talking.

Champagne at the Top of Montparnasse Tower: For panoramic views of Paris, head to the Montparnasse Tower. Enjoy a glass of champagne at the top and toast to your future after they say “yes.”

Deco picnic set up at the Trocadero gardens.

Our deco picnic was set up for our clients engagement at the park of the Trocadero. Below a mini photo story of our clients romantic afternoon with the Eiffel tower in the background.

The photos are a lot of fun. Our professional photographer will capture your proposal in a lifestyle manner, gently guiding you through the process.

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Crafting Magical Moments Under the Paris Sky

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