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A Unique Versailles Proposal

A Unique Versailles Proposal.

If you have been following us on our instagram page or our blog, you may have seen quite a few of the surprise proposals that we produced either in Paris or Versailles. Each of our picnic proposals is unique. We propose to our clients a traditional French gourmet picnic experience with creative photography services to celebrate LOVE in France. Our proposal picnic packages are tailored to each and every one of our client’s wishes. Always available to listen & suggesting ideas which we feel would suit best your style, expectations for an amazing Parisian experience.

We LOVE what we do! With our savoir faire and expertise over the years, we thrive to best understand our clients concerns … Planning a proposal from afar can be a little daunting! Trust us, you are in very good hands.

Summer is on its way, it is time to reserve your romantic date for a unique Versailles proposal.

Below a step by step process with a few advices on how to best prepare your Paris & Versailles engagement with ” Love Picnic Paris. ”

versailles proposal
getting engaged at versailles

How to order your Versailles proposal picnic?

The process is easy!

First of all, i would suggest that you read some of the reviews we have received from our past clients. ❤️
Head to our google local business page. Thank you again to everyone who took the time to write a few words about their picnic experience with ” Love Picnic Paris. ”

Second, spend a little time going through the pages of our blog. You will find quite a few proposal stories either in Paris or Versailles.

This will give you a general feel for the various styles of proposal picnics that we have produced. You will also be able to read about past proposal stories and visualise the various locations we propose to our clients.

Wow! The experience went beyond my expectations ❤️! The team took care of every detail, including the logistics, the best location in front of the Eiffel Tower and the food was absolutely delicious. Olivier, our amazing host, he was very kind and captured stunning photographs of my partner and me. The photos truly captured the essence of the moment, and we will cherish them forever. You truly made this moment unforgettable. Thank you very much!!!

versailles estates

Picnic basket and style of Picnic set.

Once you have read our reviews and browsed through our website, it is time to choose your proposal picnic package.

First of all, we offer two style of picnic set up, a traditional French style picnic set with our red & white vichy picnic mat as well as a full deco romantic picnic set which is featured on this blog post. Our deco picnic set includes our French style wicker baskets, vintage mats, retro style umbrellas, designer cushions, cashmere plaids, customised menu, candles ….

We will also guide you through the possible choices of menus which you will find on our service page. By the way, we do offer a vegetarial option to our clients as well. We are of course always open to any suggestion that you may have. A bottle of champagne is included in our deco package while a bouquet of flowers is optional.

Versailles gardens

Professional photography services for your proposal.

Each of our proposal & engagement package either in Paris or Versailles includes the services of our professional photographer. Todays clients opted for two hours of photography with Olivier both at the picnic site and around the gardens.The picnic location was geolocalized via whatsapp so that our clients did not have any issue finding the right spot. Olivier photographed their proposal from the distance when they arrived at the picnic site. He then introduced himself to our couple & took some gorgeous portrait of the two of them at the picnic site. Once they finished their lunch, our clients enjoyed another hour of photography around the estates.

Our clients were a little shy at first, of course everyone is a little shy in front of a camera … Me INCLUDED! … A great photographer does the trick! Well worth the inversment if you ask me.

Our photographer has 30 years of experience in the industry. He has collaborated to the NY times, Marie Claire Magazine, Elle Magazine, El Pais, Sydney Morning Herald ….  He basically has this thing about making his clients feel confortable very quickly. It is always amazing to watch how easy it seems to make someone relax in front of his camera. Wonderful personnality and a great professional, it is always exciting to see a new photo story with our picnics!

I hope you will enjoy this photo story photographed in Versailles a few days back. If you are planning on proposing in Paris or Versailles, please reach out! We offer unique Versailles proposal themes to our clients. It is with great pleasure that we set up our picnics & assist you with the planning of your engagement in France.

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versailles engagement

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propose in versailles

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unique versailles proposal

Versailles proposal

versailles proposal photographer

versailles proposal photo

versailles engagement photographer

versailles proposal photographer

versailles proposal photographer

propose in versailles

versailles estates

versaille estates


versailles gardens

versailles engagement

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Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer

Paris summer love

Paris summer love

It is with great pleasure that we plan our Paris picnic parties with our traditional wicker baskets! Catering for a romantic picnic adventure at Versailles, a Paris engagement at the Eiffel tower, birthdays & party celebrations have been a wonderful experience. We have met lots of new friends along the way … one of the main reason why we decided to start “Love Picnic Paris”. Sharing our passion and French culture in the city that we LOVE is a lot of fun . We cannot recommend enough experiencing a Paris picnic at the Eiffel tower or the gardens of Versailles if you are planning a visit to France this summer.

We met up with Mark and Natasha at the Trocadero gardens for a special afternoon. They enjoyed our romantic “Edith Piaf” picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower. Their Eiffel picnic was all set up for them when they arrived to the park. Our photographer took them around the site once they finished their picnic for some lifestyle photography. The photo session lasted one hour. Olivier doesn’t count the time spent with his clients neither. The photo sessions often go overboard ! Neither does he counts the number of photos that he sends out to our clients. All of our Paris couple photos are retouched, sent out a few days after the shooting. You never wait for then a couple of days to receive your Paris photo story.

Olivier has worked in NYC for over 10 years as a professional photographer before he decided to settle back home. He has tons of experience making sure that his clients are having a wonderful time diring the photo session. His photos are anything apart from cliché, and convey the beauty of love, family and friendship. It is a real pleasure to spend the afternoon with him.


Professional couple photography in Paris.

Our photographers style is fun and easy so it seems anyway! Years of experience and passion for his craft makes him a great professional photographer to work with. Mark was a little on the shy side while Natasha is used of having her photos taken for work. The result is stunning ! They look so happy together and certainly had a great time in the city with us.

Should you be interested in reserving one of our gourmet picnic / photo session with “Love Picnic Paris”, I would suggest that you head to our picnic order page first. You will find four different picnics to choose from. Any of those picnics can be coupled with a photography session.  You can very simply add to your order a few options such as champagne, flowers and / or photography.


Ordering a Paris picnic.

We would be glad to answer any of the question that you may have. Ordering a Paris picnic with “Love Picnic Paris” is easy. Best is to start heading to our Paris Picnic service page. All of our picnics can be customized to your liking. Simply add a note to your order or send us an email. Once we have received your order, we will follow up within the next 24 hours to fine tune all of the little details. Payment can be done once everything is finalized.

Your Paris picnic will be set up at one of the park that we selected together. There are a few options that you can add to your picnic basket. Again you are most welcome to send us an email if anything. Meanwhile enjoy those lovely photographs taken in the city with our couple. Here is a map so that you can visualize where exactly Mark and Natasha had their gourmet basket set up.

Looking forward to hearing back from all of you.

Trocadero gardens picnic map




Paris picnic

paris photo session

Eiffel picnic

Picnic in Paris

Picnic paris






Peiffel engagement


Eiffel proposal

paris parks

Paris family picnic
Eiffel picnic Paris birthday celebration

A Family Picnic in Paris

A Family Picnic in Paris.

Paris is often called the “City of Love,” and many first-time visitors feel an undeniable sense of romance. Whether you’re strolling along the Seine, enjoying a café on a cobblestone street, or watching the sunset from Montmartre, the city’s charm is palpable.

We celebrate “LOVE” in Paris with our beautiful Paris picnics. Lets enjoy a beautiful family picnic in Paris with the family. “Love Picnic Paris” sets up gourmet picnics in Paris park for any of your special occasion while visiting France.  A picnic in Paris is the perfect idea to get together with our loved ones to celebrate your birthday & any special occasion in style.

“Love Picnic Paris” produces Picnic events around the city and the gardens of Versailles. A Paris picnic party can be hosted up to 30 guests. It is best to reach out in advance so that we can plan your day accordingly.

paris photo session

Experience Paris to the fullest!

Experience Paris to the fullest! The city’s bustling streets, vibrant markets, and diverse neighborhoods can be a sensory feast.The blend of sights, sounds, and smells—from street musicians to the aroma of freshly baked croissants—adds to the excitement and energy of the city.

Most of our clients, specially the little ones visit Paris for the first time. Their first visit to Paris is a dream come true. Their overall Parisian experience is often magical. We are so glad to see our clients having a wonderful afternoon with us.

We look at our gourmet picnics adventures as an introduction to French culture. Indeed, we grew up with a picnic tradition ourselves, often heading to the park for a family get together. A French style gourmet picnic may raise interest to your kids in learning a few words of French. Learning French for kids can be a fun and rewarding experience. In any case, you will for sure enjoy this relaxing moment. The kids will later on in life recall memories of their childhood picnic adventure in Paris as a special experience.

Such memories often encapsulate the simplicity and joy of childhood, filled with the warmth of family, the beauty of nature, and the carefree happiness of play.

Paris birthday picnic

First steps in planning a birthday picnic in Paris.

Planning a birthday picnic with “Love Picnic Paris” Paris in easy! It is best to reach out early as we only take on one picnic at a time. Take a moment to go through our blog page, you will find numerous gourmet picnic stories both in Paris and Versailles. We will first propose a few of our favorite park to host your picnic event.

Our traditional picnic set up with our vichy red & white mats for parties up to 30 guests is featured on this story. We also propose a Paris deco gourmet picnic with vintage mats, retro umbrellas, designer cushions … for up to 8 guests. You will devour our traditional vegetable quiche, sandwiches, munched on juicy watermelon slices, and savored the tasty chocolate cake for dessert.

Traditional Picnic menu : French traditional baguette, selection of cheeses, selection of cold meats, vegetable quiche, a market salad, seasonal fruits, chocolate cake for desert.

Our Picnics are served with wine, champagne & artisanal lemonade and juices.

A gourmet picnic in Paris for your birthday is a perfect blend of fun, food, and family, creating a cherished memory that you would hold dear for years to come.

paris picnic

A family Professional photographer in Paris.

Our Paris photographer is known for capturing natural, candid moments and beautiful use of Parisian backdrops. Our family photographer in Paris will capture beautiful and timeless memories of your visit.

Olivier Offers Paris family photo sessions that emphasize warmth and intimacy, with a keen eye for detail. Olivier is also known for high-end, editorial-style photography that blends artistry with family moments. Our photographer focuses on capturing genuine, spontaneous family moments in beautiful Parisian settings.

Olivier is also great with kids and will make your family feel comfortable. This will result in natural and joyful photos. You will find a mini portfolio of Olivier’s photography work with our clients on our photographers page.

Paris family picnic
paris food
Paris picnic
paris photo session
paris birthday
a paris picnic
photographer in paris
paris photographer
paris family photo
paris family photographer
paris family photo
paris birthday
Birthday paris
paris eiffel picnic
eiffel picnic
a picnic in paris
family picnic
Picnic basket
paris birthday
birthday in paris
eiffel picnic

Paris fun proposal
paris engagement photographer

A Fun Proposal in Paris.

A 1001 ways to propose in Paris!

Indeed there are a 1001 ways to propose in Paris. We LOVE our city! Born and raised in Paris … After living abroad for over 20 years, from which 10 were spent in NYC, we thought it was time to settle back home. We started “Love Picnic Paris” shortly after with the idea of sharing our passion for French culture & art de vivre à la Francaise!

Over the years, we have gained a certain expertise in the art of planning engagements for our clients that fit their style and personnality. We propose to our clients a traditional French style picnic experience with some real photography!

Below a few ideas on romantic locations in Paris & Versailles to get engaged. 💕If you are looking for some advice on proposing to your partner while visiting Paris, you are most welcome reach out to us directly via email.

Advices in getting engaged in Paris.

A few days ago, I bumped in an article about the 10 best ways to get engaged in Paris! Being curious & in the business of assisting clients with their Paris proposal, I took the time to read the article! I was only half surprise to notice that we propose to our clients three of the ten ideas suggested in the article.

eiffel proposal

Trocadero garden proposal idea.

Eiffel tower proposal.

Number one on the list was the Eiffel Tower: It titled “The ultimate cliché” but hey, it’s a cliché for a reason! As the sun sets, the city lights up, and so does your love. Pop the question on the top deck for a memory that’ll sparkle like the tower itself. Enjoy our engagent picnic set with wonderful lifestyle photography with ” Love Picic Paris”…

I first climbed the tower around 7 year of age. I still remember vividly the experience. I went back up a few times since with friends and family. Each time it is unique and very exciting afternoon. The view over Paris is breathtaking and the tower itself a real beauty!

A Luxembourg gardens proposal.

Picnic in Luxembourg Gardens: You can grab a baguette, some cheese, and a bottle of wine. Find a cozy spot in the Luxembourg Gardens and ask for forever amidst the lush greenery and serene fountains.

Alternatively we can set up one of our gorgeous French style deco gourmet picnic for you to enjoy. Here is an exemple of one of our Luxembourg gardens proposal.

You seal the moment with a kiss, and then pop open the champagne to toast to your future together. The Luxembourg Gardens, with its timeless beauty and romantic charm, will forever be the place where your journey together took a beautiful new turn.
Luxembourg Gardens offer an idyllic and intimate setting for a proposal, making it a perfect choice for couples who appreciate a blend of natural beauty and classic Parisian romance.

We will have our professional photographer photograph your proposal when you arrive at the picnic site from the distance.

Luxembourg garden proposal

Luxembourg gardens afternoon proposal.

Day trip at Versailles for your proposal.

Versailles Day Trip: Take a day trip to the Palace of Versailles. The Hall of Mirrors or the lush gardens make a regal backdrop for a royal proposal. Visit the estates in the morning & walk down the gardens to the canal area. We will again set up one of our gorgeous picnic set for your Versailles proposal. Our photographer will take you around the gardens after your picnic for some fun engagement photos.

The Gardens of Versailles, known in French as “Les Jardins de Versailles,” were created during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King. This grand project was designed to complement the splendor of the Palace of Versailles, which was transformed from a modest hunting lodge into the epicenter of French political power and the embodiment of absolute monarchy. We love ourselves heading to Versailles for the afternoon.

paris couple photographer

Getting engaged at Versailles estates.

Other ideas for a Paris proposal.

Boat Ride on the Seine: Rent a private boat or hop on a public cruise. As you glide past Notre Dame and under the city’s historic bridges, drop down on one knee. The gentle waves and the city’s charm make it a perfect setting.

Montmartre Magic: Head to Montmartre, the artist’s district. After exploring the charming streets and taking in the views from Sacré-Cœur, find a quaint café or a hidden alleyway to ask the big question.

Louvre Courtyard at Night: The Louvre is beautiful by day, but it’s magical at night. Stand by the glass pyramid, let the museum’s lights set the mood, and let your love story become a masterpiece.

Lock Bridge Romance: While the original love lock bridge is no more, you can still find plenty of places to attach a lock and toss the key into the Seine. Make it official with a lock and a proposal.

Street Music Serenade: Paris is full of street musicians. Find a performer who’s willing to play your song, and as the music fills the air, let your heart do the talking.

Champagne at the Top of Montparnasse Tower: For panoramic views of Paris, head to the Montparnasse Tower. Enjoy a glass of champagne at the top and toast to your future after they say “yes.”

Deco picnic set up at the Trocadero gardens.

Our deco picnic was set up for our clients engagement at the park of the Trocadero. Below a mini photo story of our clients romantic afternoon with the Eiffel tower in the background.

The photos are a lot of fun. Our professional photographer will capture your proposal in a lifestyle manner, gently guiding you through the process.

paris fun proposal
eiffel proposal
Paris engagement photo
Paris proposal
paris fun engagement
Propose Paris
Propose in Paris
Paris Love
Paris surprise proposal
Paris surprise engagement
Paris proposal
Paris engagement photo
Propose in Paris
Engaged in Paris
Eiffel proposal
Paris surprise proposal

Giverny picnic

Giverny Luxury Gourmet Picnic

Embrace Giverny and the impressionists with a Picnic.

We simply love heading to Giverny from time to time. Giverny represented a haven for the Impressionist movement, particularly through Claude Monet’s iconic gardens. It served as a source of inspiration where artists could capture the interplay of light and color in nature, which was central to the Impressionist aesthetic. Visit Claude Monet’s foundation in the morning & enjoy a gourmet picnic on the seine with “Love Picnic Paris”. We will set up our deco picnic with vintages table cloths, designer cushions, retro style umbrellas, our French style wicker baskets & a picnic style lunch!

paris luxury gourmet picnic

Traditions of a French picnic.

Picture this: a lazy afternoon in the French countryside during the impressionist period. The sun is dappling through the leaves, casting a soft, ethereal glow over the landscape. As the gentle breeze rustles the foliage, comes the time to gather for a leisurely picnic.

The spread is laid out on a checkered blanket, adorned with crusty baguettes, a selection of cheeses, and bottles of wine… Laughter and conversation will float through the air, mingling with the scent of freshly cut grass and wildflowers.

In the distance, the Seine river meanders lazily, its tranquil waters reflecting the pastel hues of the surrounding scenery.

This quintessential French tradition of picnicking embodies the spirit of the impressionist period – a celebration of nature, camaraderie, and the simple pleasures of life.

Romantic picnic

“Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” Edouard Manet.

Le déjeuner sur l’herbe is probably one of the most famous painting from Edouard Manet.

Manet completed the painting in 1863. It caused a huge scandal at the time because it shocked the establishment. It depicts a romantic picnic scene in the French countryside. Today, it is considered one of the masterpieces of modern art.

You will be able to enjoy Manet’s painting at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. Well worth a visit on your return from your countryside picnic in Giverny.

paris gourmet Picnic
Giverny Picnic
giverny Picnic
Monet gardens
Picnic idea
French picnic
Wicker baskets
Picnic baskets

Paris experience
Paris birthday celebration Paris birthday picnic

Paris graduation Party

A stylish Paris graduation Party.

Lets celebrate your special events in Paris with ” Love Picnic Paris.” Number one Paris gourmet picnic company, we set up gorgeous picnics for all of your special occasions. We hosted our deco picnic in Paris this past week end for our client’s daughter graduation Party. The family enjoyed a fun picnic with our deco set up and a view of the Eiffel tower.

Our Party picnic menu for the occasion : French traditional baguette, selection of cheeses, selection of cold meats, market salad, Tomatoes & Mozzarella, Vegetable quiche, seasonal fruits, strawberries, Crêpes, chocolate cake!

Champagne, mineral water & traditional lemonade.

A traditional french style picnic is a fun way to engage in the cultural charm of the city. Does that sounds like a lovely idea! Picnicking in a Parisian park can be a wonderful experience. If you need any recommendations for Paris parks & picnicking in Paris, feel free to ask!

Paris graduation Party

How to order a gourmet picnic?

If you are interested in ordering one of our gourmet picnic in Paris, I would suggest that you spend a moment going through the pages of our website. You will find on our blog various style of gourmet picnics that we have organised in Paris and the gardens of Versailles.  We will be happy to guide you through the ordering process. You may have specific questions as well. Do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page.

Any of our Paris family picnic experience can actually be custumized to your special requests. We will help you choose the perfect location for your picnic event. We only take on one picnic at a time so it is best to order your picnic as early as possible. We are also quite flexible with the time of the day to set up your picnic. All of the little details will be arranged in advance so that you can enjoy a beautiful Parisian experience with us.

Paris birthday Party

We set up a gourmet deco picnic for 5 guests for our client at the Trocadero gardens. By the way, our deco picnics can be catered for up to 8 guests. The picnic includes vintage napkins that we lay on the ground, cushions, candles, our French style wicker baskets, custom made menu, vintage umbrellas, a set of candles, cashmere plaids and so on … You will find a few exemple of our picnic deco set on this article.

eiffel picnic

A professional photographer for your event.

We are big on visuals. Yes, we do LOVE photography. So any of our gourmet picnics can be coupled with professional photography. Having a professional photo session with your family on vacation can be a great way to capture special moments and create lasting memories. Our professional photographer will capture the essence of your family dynamic and the beauty of the vacation destination. The photos can also serve as wonderful keepsakes to look back on in the future. If you’re considering a professional photo session alongside your picnic, we would be thrilled to organise your Paris photo session as well.

We have just been asked how many photos will you receive! As a matter of fact, we do not count, so I went to our most recent photo story to double check. we have just sent out over 80 photos to our client this past week end. All of the photos are carefully edited, retouched and sent out via we transfer within the next couple of day. They are sent out in high resolution format.

Paris picnic deliveryReady to order your Paris picnic.

Head to our service page to place your Paris picnic order. You will find a box for comments, do not hesitate to write a few words.  We can organise a Paris graduation picnic for up to 20 guests with our traditional gourmet picnic set up. A paris picnic is ideal for a festive afternoon with friends and family. All of our picnics, large and small are set up for you at the park. No need to pick up and return a basket from us. We do take care of everything so that you can simply enjoy the afternoon with your special guests.

paris picnic delivery
Picnic Paris
Paris experience
Eiffel picnic
eiffel picnic delivery
Paris birthday
Paris gourmet picnic
Paris picnic delivery
birthday in Paris
family photographer
paris photo session
photo session paris
paris picnic

Picnic in Versailles
Versailles engagement photographer

A beautiful engagement at Versailles.

 A beautiful engagement at Versailles.

” Love Picnic Paris ” produces beautiful engagements at Versailles. Our client visited the estates with his partner on the first day of their trip to France. First time in Europe for both of them… wonderful adventure to get engaged at Versailles on your first day abroad.  😊

SO GLAD that he contacted us to organize his Versailles proposal. Always a pleasure to head to Versaille for the afternoon.

We found the perfect secluded spot, away from the bustling crowds but still surrounded by the timeless beauty of the gardens. Our romantic deco picnic was set up for the occasion with cushions, plaids, a bottle of champagne, a customised menu …

Jose dropped to one knee and pop the question when our couple arrived to the picnic location. Our engagement photographer was ready to capture the moment!

As the afternoon light danced around them, jose knew that this moment, in this enchanting place, will be etched in their memories forever. 💕😍❤️

Versailles engagement

A professional photographer for your Versailles engagement.

So why booking a professional photographer for your engagement? Having a professional photographer capture your engagement is like adding a sprinkle of magic to an already enchanting moment! Sure, your smartphone can snap a decent pic. Not sure you want to worry about photography on your engagement though. A professional photographer has the skills to freeze-frame that once-in-a-lifetime moment in all its beauty.

Think about it: you’re surrounded by the grandeur of the Gardens of Versailles, your heart’s pounding, and you’ve just popped the question. Do you really want to rely on shaky hands and bad lighting to capture that special moment?

Our photographer knows all the tricks to make you both look like royalty against that stunning backdrop. He will capture your engagement in a fun way. You do not have to worry about a thing. Plus, having those high-quality photos means you can relive the magic over and over again. You also will be able to show off your love story to the world. I think it is definitely worth every penny. Your parents will also greatly appreciate your engagement photos!

Visit Versailles

Versailles estates; a historical scenery!

Jose & Gabriella visited the castle in the morning before heading to their engagement picnic. We set up their romantic picnic half way between the castle and the “Hameau de la reine”.

versailles hameau de la reine

Hameau de la reine in winter. Fine art photography by our talented photographer.

The Hameau de la Reine, or the Queen’s Hamlet, is a charming rustic retreat nestled within the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Built in the late 18th century for Queen Marie Antoinette, it’s like a picturesque village straight out of a fairy tale. Complete with thatched cottages, a shimmering lake, and lush gardens, the Hameau was Marie Antoinette’s private sanctuary away from the formalities of court life. Here, she would escape the pressures of royalty. She would immerse herself in the simple joys of country living, tending to her gardens, enjoying leisurely strolls, and hosting intimate gatherings with her closest friends.

Today, visitors can wander through this idyllic haven, soaking in its serene beauty and imagining life as a queen in a storybook village. The hameau de la reine is certainly an all time favorite of ours.

Marie Antoinette wasn’t just about lavish balls and extravagant parties. She also had a soft spot for the simple pleasures, like picnics. Picture her spreading out a luxurious blanket on the grass, surrounded by her closest friends and confidants, as they indulge in an array of delicacies. There’s champagne flowing, delicate pastries, fresh fruit straight from the orchards, and perhaps even a selection of cheeses fit for a royal palate.

If you are considering to propose while visiting France, reach out to “Love Picnic Paris. We will organize the most beautiful engagement at Versailles for you.

Versailles engagement photo

Versailles engagement photographer

versailles picnic

versailles proposal

propose in versailles

Versailles proposal

Picnic in Versailles

paris couple photographer

versailles gourmet picnic

a beautiful versailles engagement

versailles engagement photographer

versailles estates

Versailles professional photographer

paris gay picnic
LGBT Paris

Paris LGBT Proposal

Paris, city of LOVE, LGBT proposal!

Our clients enjoyed our romantic deco gourmet picnic in the lush greenery of the trocadero gardens for their  LGBT proposal. Love is celebrated in all its diversity here. We were very proud to be able to organise our clients surprise proposal at the park. The city is the perfect place to let your love shine bright in all its colors.

Paris ultimate Love destination.

Paris, the “City of Love,” is the ultimate romantic destination. Imagine strolling hand in hand along the Seine, soaking up the dreamy vibes as the Eiffel Tower twinkles in the background. Paris is not just about the stunning architecture or the cute little cafes (although they definitely add to the charm). There’s this magical aura in the air that just makes you want to snuggle up closer to your special someone.

Whether you’re sharing a croissant for breakfast or stealing kisses under the stars, Paris has this way of turning every moment into a magical scene. It’s like the city itself is in on the whole love affair thing!  Honestly, who can resist its special beauty?

To propose in Paris is just a dream come true for our clients.

LGBT paris proposal

LGBT Paris photo session with ” Love Picnic Paris “

Paris is a cosmopolitan city, and not just about baguettes and beret’s. It is also a beacon of openness and acceptance, especially when it comes to love in all its forms, including LGBT romance. In this vibrant city, love knows no boundaries.   Every couple is free to express their affection openly and without fear. From the lively Marais district, with its rainbow flags waving proudly, to the trendy bars,  everyone is welcome. Paris is a haven for LGBT lovebirds.

PARIS LGBT engagement.

We are thrilled to present our clients LGBT engagement photo story at the Eiffel tower. Gorgeous portraits taken by our professional photographer as always!

Should you be interested in having ” Love Picnic Paris ” produce your engagement picnic, reach us via email. You will also find relevant information on our website. Head to our Paris proposal and engagement page.

We produce romantic engagements in Paris throughout the year. Enjoy our latest clients LGBT photo story, we all had a wonderful time.

Paris LGBT proposal

paris experience

romantic paris

LGBT Paris engagement

Paris LGBT

Paris engagement

paris picnic

Eiffel Proposal

paris picnic
paris parks

“Picnic Perfection: Indulge in Gourmet Delights amidst Paris’s Stunning Parks!”

Indulge in the beauty of Paris parks.

Hey there, fellow adventurer! So, you’ve explored the iconic landmarks of Paris, but have you ever ventured into its enchanting parks? Well, get ready to immerse yourself in the lush greenery and serene beauty of Parisian parks this summer!

Welcome to the land of romance, where every corner whispers tales of history, culture, and undying beauty. Among the myriad wonders that adorn the landscape of France, its parks stand as timeless testaments to the nation’s appreciation for nature’s splendor. Nowhere is this more evident than in the heart of Paris, where the City of Light shines brightest not only in its iconic landmarks but also in its enchanting parks.

Paris engagement Luxembourg gardens

Picture yourself strolling along winding paths, flanked by vibrant flower beds, their colors dancing in harmony with a gentle breeze. Canopies of ancient trees stretch their limbs overhead, providing sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Each park in Paris seems to have a personality of its own, offering a unique blend of tranquility, romance, and history. We do have our favorite parks where we host our gourmet picnics in the city. With their timeless beauty, it is always with joy that we head to the park for yet another picnic adventure .

picnic in Paris

The rich cultural history of Paris parks.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics. French parks are woven into the fabric of daily life, serving as gathering spots for locals and oases of relaxation for visitors. From morning walks to afternoon picnics, from leisurely boat rides to impromptu concerts, these green havens cater to every whims and fancies of visitors and Parisians alike.

And let’s not forget the rich tapestry of history that adorns these verdant landscapes. Many of Paris’s parks have evolved from royal gardens, their roots and traditions stretching back centuries. As you wander through their manicured lawns and elegant promenades, you can almost feel the echoes of bygone eras, whispers of kings and queens who once roamed these very grounds.

But perhaps what truly sets French parks apart is their ability to inspire and speak to your heart. They are not merely places to see and be seen; they are canvases upon which dreams are painted, where artists find inspiration, and where lovers forge memories that last a lifetime.

eiffel picnic

So, dear reader, join us on a journey through the enchanted green havens of France, where every corner reveals a new delight, and every step brings you closer to the heart of this timeless land. Let’s explore the beauty, the history, and the undeniable charm of French parks—because in the embrace of nature, we find solace, we find joy, and we find ourselves.

 The unique charm of Parisian Parks.

Alright, let’s rewind a bit and delve into the backstory of these urban green spaces. Picture this: once upon a time, Paris’s parks were exclusive royal gardens. But as time marched on, they opened up to the public, thanks to the visionary urban planner, Haussmann, in the 19th century. Today, these parks aren’t just patches of green; they’re integral to Parisian culture, serving as havens for relaxation and social gatherings.

  •  Iconic Parks of Paris

Now, onto the star attractions! First up, we have the Jardin des Tuileries, a majestic blend of history and beauty. From there, we’ll wander over to the Luxembourg Gardens, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, charming fountains, and statues whispering tales of the past. And let’s not forget the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a little slice of wilderness in the heart of the city, boasting dramatic landscapes and breathtaking views.

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  •  Hidden Gems and Local Favorites

Ready to uncover some lesser-known treasures? Say hello to Parc Monceau, a delightful escape featuring elegant pathways, whimsical follies, and a sprinkle of statues. Then, make your way to the Square du Vert-Galant, tucked away on the tip of Île de la Cité, offering romantic views of the Seine. And for a unique experience, stroll along the Promenade Plantée, a raised park built atop an old railway viaduct, now transformed into a green paradise.

  •  Activities and Attractions in Parisian Parks

Now, let’s talk fun stuff! Head to one of these parks for a leisurely outdoor feast, we will set up one of our 4 gourmet picnic for you and your family. Need to burn off those croissants? Lace up your sneakers and hit the jogging paths or rent a bike for a scenic ride. And keep an eye out for cultural events like art exhibitions and open-air concerts, adding a dash of culture to your park adventures.

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The Champ de Mars: From Military Training Ground to Public Park

The park of the champ de Mars is one of our favorite destination. The Eiffel tower is set to one side of the park making it an ideal site to enjoy a visit of the tower in the morning coupled with a well rested gourmet picnic over lunch hour.  The history of the Champ de Mars dates back to the late 18th century when it served as a military training ground for the French army. Its name, which translates to “Field of Mars” in English, pays homage to Mars, the Roman god of war.

However, with the dawning of the French Revolution in 1789, the field took on a new significance as a site for revolutionary gatherings and celebrations.


Transformation Under Haussmann: From World Fair to Public Amenity

The true transformation of the Champ de Mars occurred under the visionary urban planner Baron Haussmann in the mid-19th century. Haussmann, known for his ambitious redesign of Paris, envisioned the Champ de Mars as a focal point for leisure and recreation.

In 1867, the field hosted the Exposition Universelle, a world fair showcasing France’s cultural and technological prowess. This event marked the beginning of Champ de Mars’s evolution from a military training ground to a beloved public park.

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The Eiffel Tower: A Symbol of Progress and Ingenuity

No discussion of the Champ de Mars would be complete without mentioning its most famous landmark: the Eiffel Tower. Designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel, the tower was erected as the centerpiece of the 1889 Exposition Universelle, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Initially met with skepticism and criticism, the Eiffel Tower soon captured the imagination of Parisians and visitors alike, emerging as an enduring symbol of progress, ingenuity, and the city’s indomitable spirit.

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2024 Paris picnic season.

Well, fellow explorer, our journey through Parisian parks has come to an end—for now, at least. But the beauty of these green oases awaits your discovery. So, grab your map, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to embark on your own Parisian park adventure.

Remember, we deliver gourmet picnics in Paris parks as well as the gardens of Versailles. You can always reach out via email with your questions. You can also head to our service page to start placing your order for the 2024 Paris picnic season. And hey, if you stumble upon a breathtaking vista or have a memorable moment, don’t forget to share it with us! Happy exploring!

versailes castle Picnic
Versailles Picnic

Versailles Family photos

Versailles stylish gourmet Picnic.

Overall, the Gardens of Versailles represent a masterpiece of landscape architecture and continue to be celebrated as one of the finest examples of French garden design in the world. “Love Picnic Paris” takes real pleasure to orchestrate our Versailles stylish gourmet picnic during our clients visit to the castle. It is certainly one of our favorite destination. We love heading to Versailles ourselves on a day trip & enjoy a traditional picnic in the park during lunch hour. Today’s family had our traditional “Amelie Poulain” gourmet picnic coupled with some “fun times” family photos during their visit. Below you will find a selection of the family photos taken by our photographer during their lunch hour.

But let’s talk about Versailles for a minute. You know, that jaw-dropping palace in France? Yes, the one that looks like it was plucked straight out of a fairy tale. First, Versailles is easily accessible by car or train from Saint Lazare station in the heart of Paris. Versailles estate was the playground for our kings and queens, with all its grandeur and opulence. Today, Versailles offers a unique experience to visitors.

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Just imagine strolling through those perfectly manicured lawns, surrounded by fountains, statues, and flowers that seem to dance in the breeze. It is like stepping into a renaissance painting!
One of our most cherished French historical heritage, the estate is certainly not a relic of the past. It’s a living splendor, a breathing testament to human creativity and ingenuity. It’s also a reminder that beauty and artistry have the power to transcend time and inspire awe in all who behold it.
So, the next time you find yourself daydreaming about far-off places, why not add Versailles to your list? The Palace of Versailles is a timeless marvel that continues to captivate hearts and minds the world over. The gardens are the most amazing backgrounds to enjoy a gourmet picnic with ” Love Picnic Paris.” YES, we certainly enjoy ourselves heading to the estates for the afternoon.

So lets plan a Versailles stylish gourmet picnic with us on your next visit.

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A unique experience at Versailles.

The Gardens of Versailles are an iconic exemple of French formal garden design and are part of the larger Palace of Versailles complex. A visit to Versailles castle is a unique experience. Its historical grandeur makes it the perfect grounds to enjoy a stylish gourmet picnic at Versailles. Here’s a brief overview of its history in a few words:

  • Origins: The history of the gardens dates back to the early 17th century when King Louis XIII acquired the land for hunting. His son, King Louis XIV, later transformed the hunting lodge into the grand Palace of Versailles and began developing the gardens in 1661.
  • Design and Expansion: André Le Nôtre, a renowned landscape architect, was commissioned to design the gardens in the French formal style. Le Nôtre’s design incorporated symmetrical layouts, geometric shapes, water features, and meticulously manicured lawns. Over the years, the gardens underwent several expansions and enhancements under the direction of Le Nôtre and subsequent landscape architects.
  • Symbolism and Grandeur: The gardens were intended to showcase the power, wealth, and grandeur of the French monarchy. They were meticulously designed to impress visitors with their beauty and opulence, featuring elaborate fountains, statues, sculptures, and ornamental flower beds.
  • Social and Cultural Importance: The gardens served as a backdrop for elaborate court ceremonies, festivals, and entertainments hosted by the royal court. They were also used for leisure activities such as promenades, picnics, and outdoor concerts.
  • Revolutionary and Modern Erance: During the French Revolution in the late 18th century, the Palace of Versailles and its gardens were seized by the revolutionary government and eventually opened to the public. In the modern era, the gardens have been meticulously restored and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, attracting millions of visitors each year who come to admire their beauty, history, and cultural significance.

Versailles picnic

Versailles gourmet picnic experience

Must know about your visit to Versailles.

While France is no longer a monarchy, there are still plenty of French beautiful castles to be found in the countryside. These former Royal Palaces are some of the finest buildings in Europe, each with their unique histories. Versailles palace is renowned for its opulent architecture, lavish interior decoration, and extensive gardens. Remember, the gardens of Versailles is really a day trip to fully appreciate its beauty. Not only you can visit the castle itself in the morning, you will definitely love the experience of the grand Trianon, petit trianon, and hameau de la reine in the afternoon. You will certainly need a pause over lunch time to simply rest under a tree & enjoy our stylish gourmet picnic.

Grand Trianon: Located within the grounds of Versailles, the Grand Trianon is a palace built by Louis XIV as a retreat from the formalities of court life. Designed in the Italian Renaissance style, the Grand Trianon features pink marble walls and a distinctive architecture. It served as a private residence for the French monarchs and is renowned for its elegant simplicity and beautiful gardens.

Petit Trianon: Adjacent to the Grand Trianon, the Petit Trianon is a smaller palace commissioned by Louis XV for his mistress Madame de Pompadour and later given to Marie Antoinette. The Petit Trianon is known for its neoclassical architecture and intimate scale. Marie Antoinette used it as a private retreat where she could escape the formality of court life and indulge in her interests in gardening and the arts.

Hameau de la Reine (Queen’s Hamlet): Situated near the Petit Trianon, the Hameau de la Reine is a rustic hamlet built for Marie Antoinette. Designed to resemble a pastoral village, it features picturesque cottages, a dairy, a mill, and a farm. Marie Antoinette used the hamlet as a place to play at being a shepherdess and escape the pressures of court life.

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Versailles stylish lunch picnic.

Having a stylish picnic lunch break at Versailles sounds like a dream! Here’s how you could plan such an experience:

Location: We will choose the most picturesque spot in the Gardens of Versailles for your picnic. Either at the Grand Canal, under one of the park beautiful oak tree or one of the secluded groves for a more intimate setting. Our Versailles stylish gourmet picnics are to be enjoyed with lovers, family and friends alike.

Picnic Setup: We will bring our stylish wicker baskets filled with gourmet goodies. Opt for artisanal cheeses, charcuterie, fresh baguettes, colorful salads, and decadent desserts. Should you opt for our deco picnic, we will pack your favorite beverages, whether it’s champagne, wine, or refreshing lemonade, in elegant flutes served in iced bucket. Refer to “Love Picnic Paris” service page to view our four different menus and place your picnic order.

Décor: We propose a traditional picnic set up with our wicker baskets and a red/White table cloth. You will find many exemples on our website. If you choose our deco picnic set, we will enhance the ambiance with stylish décor elements. We will spread our luxurious picnic blanket or tablecloth in a chic vintage pattern and color scheme. We could also decorate the picnic area with fresh flowers in elegant vases or jars. Of course, our deco picnics at Versailles gardens include decorative cushions and throw pillows for added comfort and style.

Tableware: We will elevate your picnic experience with elegant tableware and utensils. We will pack designer plates, glasses, and cutlery in coordinating colors or patterns with our wicker baskets. All of our gourmet picnics also include cloth napkins or stylish paper napkins adorned with decorative motifs.

Attire: Dress the part for your stylish picnic at Versailles. Opt for sophisticated yet comfortable attire that reflects the occasion. Think chic sundresses, linen shirts, tailored trousers, and stylish accessories like hats, sunglasses, and scarves.

Capture the Moment: Our professional photographer will capture the special moments of your stylish picnic at Versailles for you. No need to bring along a camera or smartphone to take photos of the beautiful surroundings, delicious food, and cherished memories shared with loved ones.

Versailles picnic
“Love Picnic Paris” will create a memorable and sophisticated lunch break at the park. It combines culinary delights & a stylish picnic set up with the beauty of the surroundings. This way you will be well rested to enjoy the afternoon strolling through the park. Remember to visit Versailles estates official site to purchase your entrance tickets. You will find the latest news of the Versailles estates. Also remember to check the musical season for 2024.

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Versailles picnic experience

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