Romantic, Delicious Gourmet Picnics & Creative Portrait Photography in Beautiful Paris.

“Love Picnic Paris” is the number one Paris gourmet picnic company.  We set up Traditional French picnics for you to enjoy at various landmarks around the city but not only! We now set up our picnics at the gardens of Versailles as well as various touristic destinations in Normandy. Along side our delicious picnics, we provide creative portrait photography services for all of your very special private celebrations. Here at Love Picnic Paris, we offer you the taste and charm of the authentic French Picnic. We put together our picnic baskets with love and special savoir-faire in our home located in the centre of Paris.
Children and grandparents, aristocrats and workmen, lovers and families; all have enjoyed picnics throughout French history.  Love Picnic Paris has created four diverse picnic menus for you to choose from. Each of our picnics comes with its own unique personality. This  allows you to delve into the romance behind the historical French Picnic.
Paris engagement photographer
From the sourcing of the finest ingredients, creation of delicious homemade dishes, thoughtfully assembled in our beautiful wicker Baskets, all the way to its delivery to you at the picturesque Champ de Mars or the gardens of the Trocadero, we take care of everything so you don’t have to. We will set up your picnic for you and take care of the dismantling as well so that all you have to do is enjoy the moment.

Paris picnic adventure

Whether this is the perfect occasion spent between lovers or a fun afternoon shared amongst friends and family, we offer you the chance to have your precious Picnic captured in a fun & creative manner by our internationally minded, award winning photographer. While we can’t make your Picnic last forever, with our professional photographer, the photos of your Picnic in Paris are something you can take home and cherish for a lifetime. If you are planning a trip to Paris with your family or a romantic stay with your loved one, we would be delighted to prepare and set up one of our lovely Paris picnic coupled with a romantic secret proposal  or an engagement photo session.  Alternatively, we propose couple or family creative lifestyle photography early morning or late afternoon, while you visit the most amazing city on earth.

This summer you will cuddle away enjoying a real delightful Parisian moment with your other half in the city of light. You may be visiting Paris with your love ones for a few days. You are looking for a unique and fabulous experience. Why not surprise your partner to a romantic Parisian adventure. Reach out to Love Picnic Paris. We can assist you with the planning of a beautiful afternoon with our gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower, the Louvre gardens, the Luxembourg as well as the gardens of Versailles. There are a lot of information you can easily access on the blog with some great visuals from our photographer. Do not hesitate to reach out to us via our contact page for a special request. 


Rush to our gourmet picnic service page, there you can choose and order your preferred picnic. “Love Picnic Paris” caters for one picnic at a time. We are unfortunately having to turn down customers whose date is already taken by another client.  For the French picnic lovers at heart, please order quickly and reserve your date in advance. Bookings have to be placed a minimum of 24 hours ahead of your picnic date. Once we receive your order, we will get back to you promptly to fine tune all the details via email. All events can be paid in full once all of the planning have been taken care of. Remember, any of our picnics can be coupled with creative photography in Paris. If you are planning to propose under the Eiffel tower, you are at the right place. 

*New ventures with Love Picnic Paris heading to Versailles and Normandy.*
Note that we are setting up picnics at the gardens of Versailles this year if it is coupled with photography. You would have to add € 100 to your order for the transportation and the park entrance. The gardens of Versailles is the perfect surrounding for a romantic proposal. We will travel to the Normandy region of France as well creating unique picnic experience for larger groups. Some of our preferred locations will include Giverny, Etretat, the D-Day beaches ( Arromanches and Colleville sur Mer ) as well as the mont saint Michel area. If you are a tour operator interested in setting up one of our gourmet picnic for your clients, it is best to reach out by email so that we can discuss your ideas. 


Couple Picnic Paris Paris secret proposal

Proposal + Picnic in Paris

Rebecca and Robert took the Euro star from London on friday to enjoy beautiful Paris over the week end. They contacted us to arrange for our Leon picnic + a bottle of champagne and a mini photo session with Olivier. Robert proposed to his girlfriend overlooking the Eiffel tower for the occasion. Congratulation to the both of us, have a wonderful week end in Paris. Enjoy your stay, be marry and please come back for your first year anniversary. They are getting married in Yorkshire this coming december, Olivier and I are wishing them a lot of snow for the occasion and a great life together.

I love the photo that Olivier took of them over the mini photo session that lasts 1/2 an hour for Roberts proposal. They are fun and natural!

Paris picnic proposal

Couple Picnic Paris

Edith Piaf Picnic with deco

We had the great pleasure to prepare our Edith Piaf picnic for a lovely couple and their sweet daughter at the Trocadero this morning. Finally summer has arrived. We found a nice spot on the shade to set up our Picnic; cushions, candles, umbrella, water games for Alexandra and a great bottle of Rose to accommodate their lunch. We made one of our market quiche with Zucchini, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and herbs, some cold meat and chorizo from rue Montorgueil, as well as a selection of goat cheese from our local store.

We found some very tasty cherries and figs for desert at the market this morning. The market salad was a mix of endives, avocados, potatoes, feta, greek olives … ( I am sure I forgot something )

Enjoy some of the family portraits that Olivier took over one hour at the park. It was a lot of fun for both of us. Our little family had a great time.


Paris boheme picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic
Paris family picnic  Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Paris family picnic Picnic-Paris-032 Picnic-Paris-033 Picnic-Paris-034

Couple Picnic Paris Paris bohemian picnic

Countrystyle Boheme picnic buttes Chaumont Paris

Did I tell you? I am taking some classes in flower arrangement at the moment in Paris! I have had a wonderful time creating bouquets over the past three weeks with my new friends. The classes are around the corner from the park of the Buttes Chaumont. We decided on an impromptu picnic over night. I set up a charming flower decoration, plates and dishes with Stephanie, Daphné and Myriam then we shared this beautiful moment with all our classmates! Crazy idea!

Our wonderful teacher Christelle was so surprised when she saw the set up ! Enjoy some of the photographs that we took over at the Buttes Chaumont for our lovely Parisian bohemian style picnic.


Miyoko.Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic  Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic _DSC9696   Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic Paris boheme picnic