Romantic, Delicious Picnics in Beautiful Paris & Portrait Photography


Here at Love Picnic Paris, we offer you the taste and charm of the authentic French Picnic. Our unique picnics are made with love and special savoir-faire in our home located in the centre of Paris.
Children and grandparents, aristocrats and workmen, lovers and families; all have enjoyed picnics throughout French history.  Love Picnic Paris has created four diverse Picnic Menus for you to choose from, each with its own unique personality, allowing you to delve into the romance behind the historical French Picnic.
From the sourcing of the finest ingredients, creation of delicious homemade dishes,  thoughtful assembly of our beautiful wicker Basket, all the way to its delivery to you at the picturesque Champ de Mars next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we take care of everything so you don’t have to.
 Whether this is the perfect occasion spent between lovers or a fun afternoon shared amongst friends and family, we offer you the chance to have your precious Picnic moments captured in a fun & creative manner. While we can’t make your Picnic last forever, with professional photographer Olivier Lalin’s help, the photos of your Picnic in Paris are something you can take home and cherish for a lifetime.
Couple Picnic Paris Paris gourmet picnic

Love Picnic Paris Wedding anniversary celebration

Ten year wedding anniversary celebrated at the trocadero overlooking the Eiffel tower with the man of your life. We planned a gourmet picnic for Jennifer and her husband yesterday. Olivier took them around the Eiffel tower after the picnic to catch a few portraits of the two of them to celebrate their love and happiness. Below a few of the photographs taken yesterday in beautiful Paris. It is so nice to be part of this beautiful moment that they shared with “Love Picnic Paris” in the city of love. Congratulation to the both of them!

Couple Picnic Paris Paris picnic recipe Paris secret proposal

Tonya + Joseph elopement picnic at the Eiffel tower

We planned our “Amilie Poulain” picnic for Tonya & Joseph who eloped to Paris ( YES they did marry in beautiful Paris ) and decided on a gourmet picnic + a mini photo session the next day to continue the celebration. Isn’t that swell!

First time in Paris for the both of them. Joseph had the idea of getting married abroad and of course Tonya planned every little details including our picnic wicker basket. Here are a few of the photographs that Olivier took of them earlier on at the trocadero. It is getting quite hot in the city. It is certainly the best time of the year to enjoy an outing on the grass with family and loved ones with a tasty picnic basket.

Tonya + Joseph had a selection of French cheeses, cold meats, tomato & Zucchini quiche, strawberries and cherries for dessert. Yummy really … They made the neighbours jealous.

We are soon adding some tote picnic bags to our picnic collection. You will be able to pick up your canvas bag from us and enjoy one of our lovely picnic anywhere you like in the city. Stay tuned for the latest details coming out soon.

Couple Picnic Paris Paris Picnic Proposal Paris secret proposal

Amy + Greg secret proposal at the Eiffel tower

Greg contacted us yesterday to help organize a surprise picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower. He proposed to his long time girl friend Amy… who was overjoyed and a little surprised. They enjoyed our “Léon picnic” with a bottle of champagne, strawberries for dessert and a couple of “Eclair au chocolat” that we picked up on rue Montorgueil. Special treat for a special occasion & not to forget a mini photo session with Olivier around the trocadero to celebrate this very special time in their life.

It is such a treat for us to be able to share our love for picnics with clients flying to Paris from all over the world to enjoy our amazing city. Greg and Amy are Australians and live in Sydney. They are touring europe for a month and stopped over in Paris for a few days. They will be getting married in Australia next year. Olivier started his photographic career working for the “Sydney Morning Hearald” over 20 years ago! That creates a special bound I guess! They had a wonderful time both with their picnic and their photographer. Amy & Greg suggested we come to Sydney for the wedding as Olivier was telling them that it was in Australia that he photographed is first wedding on the beach!

Olivier is a wonderful photographer. We propose some top of the notch portrait photography with one of the most talented and sweetest photographer in town. You can see some of Olivier’s private portraits on his website. Amy & Greg proposal photo session was sent out to them via “Wetransfer” yesterday. We have just received this little note from Greg :

” Thank you so much for everything you and your wife organised today, everything was perfect.
The photos look amazing & we are so glad we have met you.
Thank you!!! “
Extra sweet of them … We are heading to the Trocadero for another surprise picnic set up & a photo session this morning. So stay tune for some more exiting photography in Paris.





Couple Picnic Paris Picnic Paris

Angelina + Sam A gourmet picnic and a photo session in Paris

Angelina + Sam had a lovely gourmet picnic and a photo session with “Love Picnic Paris” this morning. Here are a few of the lovely photos that Olivier took for them at the Trocadero today. We set up our “Amelie Poulain” for them at the gardens of the Trocadero overlooking the Eiffel tower with a bottle of red wine, a market salad, hand picked cheeses & charcuterie at our local artisans on the rue Montorgueil. A carrot + coriander cold soup, ome made chocolate + apple + banana cake as well as some easter eggs for the occasion. It rained a bit in the morning (we had a plan B) just in case, but the weather cleared up to let us enjoy a beautiful day.

Happy Easter to everyone, we hope to meet in you Paris soon for one of our lovely picnic!


Couple Picnic Paris Paris gourmet picnic Paris Picnic Proposal

Paris secret proposal + Gourmet Picnic

Paris secret proposal

We planned a secret proposal + one of our gourmet picnic for Kunj and Saloni.

Kunj and Saloni’s story is certainly special. These two met when they were just kids and reconnected many years later. Saloni and two of her closest friends planned this trip months ago, but little did she know how it would end. With the help of Saloni’s little sister, Aneri, and Saloni’s friends, Kunj was able to plan a very special proposal with the help of  “Love Picnic Paris” at the Trocadero Fountain with breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower.

We organised their secret proposal, photographed by Olivier who captured this priceless surprise beautifully! This Paris proposal was one for the books ❤️ . Kunj and Saloni’s  had one of our gourmet picnic later on at the gardens of the Trocadero. They enjoyed the rest of their day in privacy, below a gorgeous cherry tree all in bloom, looking at the many stars in a beautiful Parisian sky.

Spring has arrived in Paris. We are hoping to organise many other surprise proposal through out the summer for our dear clients.  It is such a beautiful feeling to make our client’s dream come true. What more romantic then a surprise proposal in Paris with the Eiffel tower in the background & watching the sun going down, enjoying one of our gourmet wicker picnic basket at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

“I just had my dream proposal that I would have never dreamt of happening in a million years. Luckily Olivier from “Love Picnic Paris” was there to capture every moment from the beginning to the end + we had the most amazing picnic overlooking the Eiffel tower early evening. I was living in a dream for a few hours and also in complete shock and flustered as I realised the love of my life flew to Paris, the city of romance, to surprise me with a beautiful ring. I never thought in a million year that we were going to meet in Paris and that he was going to propose!!

So naturally posing and taking the right pictures to commemorate this big moment was not on my mind, but Olivier directed us perfectly to get the shots that were timeless and elegant. My fiance and I are ecstatic about the pictures and his talented photography, and can’t wait to perhaps work with him again in the future!! Thanks Olivier for the fun photo shoot and the beautiful pictures to capture the beginning of our future together!! :)” and Thank you to “Love Picnic Picnic” for preparing the afternoon for us and setting up such a delightful surprise picnic. It was a wonderful idea & we had an amazing time in Paris thanks to you guys!”

Paris proposal photographer + Picnic idea