Romantic, Delicious Gourmet Picnics & Creative Portrait Photography

 in Beautiful Paris.

We are the number one Paris gourmet picnic company and provide creative photography services for all of your very special private celebrations in Paris. Here at Love Picnic Paris, we offer you the taste and charm of the authentic French Picnic. Our unique picnics are made with love and special savoir-faire in our home located in the centre of Paris.
Children and grandparents, aristocrats and workmen, lovers and families; all have enjoyed picnics throughout French history.  Love Picnic Paris has created four diverse Picnic Menus for you to choose from, each with its own unique personality, allowing you to delve into the romance behind the historical French Picnic.
From the sourcing of the finest ingredients, creation of delicious homemade dishes, thoughtful assembly of our beautiful wicker Basket, all the way to its delivery to you at the picturesque Champ de Mars or the gardens of the Trocadero next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, we take care of everything so you don’t have to.

 Whether this is the perfect occasion spent between lovers or a fun afternoon shared amongst friends and family, we offer you the chance to have your precious Picnic moments captured in a fun & creative manner by our internationally minded award winning photographer. While we can’t make your Picnic last forever, with professional photographer Olivier Lalin’s help, the photos of your Picnic in Paris are something you can take home and cherish for a lifetime. If you are planning a trip to Paris with your family or a romantic stay with your loved one, we would be delighted to prepare and set up one of our lovely Paris picnic coupled with a romantic secret proposal or an engagement photo session or simply some creative family portraits for you in the most amazing city on earth.


WINTER NEWS : This winter we are going to share one of our little secret! Yes indeed, We are going to propose to our dearest clients a winter picnic served in one of our lovely wicker basket with hot wine, tea, hot chocolate and a couple of warm blankets. You will cuddle away enjoying a real delightful Parisian moment with your other half in the city of light. If you are visiting Paris with your love one and are looking for something unique, surprise your partner to a romantic Parisian adventure. Reach out to us for details now so that we can assist you with the planning of a beautiful afternoon with our gourmet picnic at “Love Picnic Paris.

Paris Picnics

Couple Picnic Paris eiffel tower proposal Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic

A gourmet picnic and a romantic photo session at the Eiffel tower

A few GORGEOUS photographs from a picnic happening today at the Trocadero followed by a lifestyle photo session with Olivier! Some really cool photographs in black and white. I Love black and white photography… They are so romantic and timeless. I still enjoy looking at my parents pictures when they were young, those old family albums in black and white were just stunning. So glad that black and white is coming back to fashion these days.

Ella and Andrejs enjoyed our “Amelie Poulain” picnic at the Trocadero with an hour of photos around the site. We had the picnic set up for them when they arrived. Ella did not know anything about it. She was a little surprised when she found out! All of the little details had been well planned in advance.

We communicate via text message the morning of if need be, nothing is left aside.We would send you the map of the exact location geolocalized, so that you can let yourself being guided to the spot if need be with your phone. We make sure that the location is very easy to find for everyone, even if you have never been to Paris before.

Gourmet paris picnic eiffel tower

Ella and Andrejs photographed by Olivier at the Bir-Hakeim bridge following their picnic.

Trocadero square

View of the Trocadero from the Eiffel tower. Marked in red the spot where we would usually set up our picnics at the Trocadero gardens.


” Amelie Poulain ” picnic set up at the Trocadero gardens.



Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris secret proposal photographer

Paris engagement photographer

Paris engagement photographer



Paris secret proposal photographer
eiffel tower proposal paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic Paris Picnic Proposal

Greg & Annie Honeymoon picnic and a fun photo session at the Eiffel tower

Greg and Annie fun afternoon with “Love Picnic Paris” at the Eiffel tower

” Love Picnic Paris” had a fun time yesterday with a lovely couple from Australia who flew to Europe for their Honeymoon! ” Love Paris Picnic ” is all about Paris! Our clients are friends, families and couples who wish to enjoy a special moment with a gourmet picnic and creative photography while they visit the city. We can orchestrate your secret Paris proposal, a family reunion, a friends get together, important moments in your life while you are vacationing in France.

Greg and Annie had a gourmet Picnic in Paris yesterday. Olivier took a few photographed with our couple in a lifestyle manner around the Eiffel tower and the trocadero site. I love those huge smiles and happy faces on Annie and Greg honeymoon photos session.

Annie contacted us from Italy a few days prior to their arrival in Paris. She wanted to surprise her husband with a gourmet picnic and a photo session. She decided to couple our “Amelie Poulain” picnic with one hour of photography around the Eiffel tower. Our picnic was all set up for them when they arrived at the champ de mars by 13h00. They settled down while Olivier snapped a few photos of the two of them to begin with; our wicker basket and a couple of red balloons in sight!

Our Amelie Poulain gourmet menu:

They ordered our Amelie Poulain gourmet picnic basket with traditional lemonade. Below is a recap of the menu they had over lunch time.

  • Baguette Tradition Planche du marché & Cured Meats: cured ham, saucisson hand selected cheeses.
  • Homemade tart with fresh market ingredients.
  • Fresh Market Salad.
  • Seasonal Fresh Fruit; Strawberries for desert!

You can find our four different picnic menus in “Love Picnic Paris” service page. You can easily choose your preferred picnic from this page. You can pick on the date and time in the roll down menu as well. You may add various options such as flowers, champagne and photography to your liking. Our mini photo session, half an hour of photography is charged at € 180. This includes a set of photographs all edited and retouched with a set of low and high resolution files both for the internet and printing. We make a point that we sent you all of the photos back to you via “wetransfer” the next day.

Once we’ve received your order, we will fine tune all of the little details with you. We will then ask you to pay for your picnic via paypal. You have 24 hours to complete your purchase. Please do not hesitate to share with us any special request that you may have.

Picnic at the Eiffel tower

What about if the weather is not cooperating!

The weather had been a little temperamental recently and we had our noises stuck to our weather forecast board the previous days.

The best location to set up a picnic for photos and vista is the Trocadero area. It is a large open space. It can be a little windy at times though. There are people passing by. Down below from the main square is always pretty quiet. You’ll get the most amazing view of the eiffel tower from across the seine. In case of possible rain & showers, we would set up the picnic on the other side of the park. It is a little quieter and at the foot of the Eiffel tower. We posted a few photos from the champ de mars area yesterday so that you can have a more precise idea of the site.

Picnic location on a rainy day.

The champ de mars area is usually where we would set up a picnic in case of rain. There is a shelter area just around the corner from our usual picnic set up with a view of the eiffel tower. This is exactly what we did for Annie and Greg. We first went to the Trocadero on the day. We then decided it would be best to set up the picnic at our location on the champ de mars after all. Olivier simply contacted our clients by phone with the map below to advise them on the final picnic location.

You usually have one hour to enjoy this very parisian moment. Once Annie and Greg had finished their picnic, they simply walk over to the seine with Olivier for their photo session. Looking at the final set of photographs, I think that everyone had a great time!

Map of the champ de mars with our picnic spot.
A gourmet picnic at the Champ de Mars overlooking the Eiffel tower.

We ask you to be reachable by phone on the morning of your picnic. We may need to reassess our set up plans because of the weather. In case of possible rain, we would usually decide once we get to the site what would be the best possible set up for the day. We would then communicate the location via text message with a map.

Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Engagement proposal paris
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer
Paris secret proposal photographer

paris engagement photographer Paris gourmet picnic

Gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower + mini photo session

A romantic gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower with Mark and Danielle.

The Eiffel tower area is probably the first visit one makes landing in Paris. Whether you are visiting for a day, a week or longer, it might just be the first destination you are going to head to, sometimes even before you drop your luggages at your hotel. It is grand, it is a beautiful piece of architecture!

I myself never get bored looking at it! And it is PARIS … I first visited the Eiffel tower with my parents when i was 7 year old. I remember my dad being sea sick from the height!!

We’ve recently had clients who made a point to enjoy one of our gourmet picnic at the eiffel tower just before heading back to the airport with their luggages and everything. Anything is possible. If you are looking for something special, do not hesitate to drop us a line; we will try to accommodate your query the best we can. It is always a real pleasure to cater for clients visiting Paris from all over the world. We have met so many lovely couples and families last year. We are glad the Picnic season is officially launched.

Eiffel tower gourmet picnic with ” Love Picnic Paris “

We have already booked quite a few picnics through out the summer season. We only cater for one picnic at a time. If you wish to reserve a picnic for a particular date, it is important that you reach out to us a little in advance. We are having returning customers this year who booked a picnic alongside a lifestyle family photo session with Olivier at the eiffel tower. This time they are flying with their grand daughter, we are so much looking forward to catching up again! I have to say that we do offer picnic at the Louvre gardens as well as the Luxembourg. Paris is beautiful all over, specially at this time of the year. We are in full spring mode now.

OH! Almost forgot … we do propose special picnic at the gardens of Versailles as well. If you are visiting Versailles this year, ask us for details.

Mark and Danielle enjoyed our “Edith Piaf” gourmet picnic at the champ de mars this past week end. We had set it up for them with cushions, a retro blanket, an umbrella to protect themselves from a blasting sun if need be! You will find our Edith Piaf gourmet picnic in our service page along with three other gourmet picnic that we have created for each and everyone of you. Below is a recap of the menu for “Edith Piaf”.

And here a photo of Mark and Danielle popping up their bottle of champagne.

Edith Piaf gourmet picnic

  • Baguette Tradition & Foie Gras
  • Smoked Salmon withFrench Cottage Cheese and Herbs
  • Roast Beef with Ratatouille 
  • A Fresh Soup (hot or cold)
  • Dessert (ex: macaroons, gourmet chocolates…)
  • Champagne & Mineral water
A special dried flower bouquet from “Une Maison dans les arbres”, chocolates from “A la mère de famille” in rue montorgueil.

Mini photo session at the Eiffel tower

All of our picnics can be coupled with a lifestyle photo session with Olivier and no one else! You will find sample of Olivier’s work in the gallery page. Olivier has been a professional photographer for the past 20 years. He collaborates with magazines such as Marie Claire, Stern, The Australian, The New York Times, Gourmet Travelers, Gracia and so on.

His private clients photography is fun and relaxed. You can couple one of our picnic with an engagement photo session, a private couple photo tour, or your Paris secret proposal . No stress, we do have the expertise.

Gourmet picnic at the Eiffel tower.

Paris bohemian picnic paris engagement photographer Paris family photographer Paris gourmet picnic

A Picnic in Paris and a couple photo session

A week in beautiful Paris for John and Alissa. They enjoyed one of our picnic at the Trocadero overlooking the eiffel tower on their very first day!

Olivier our skillful photographer took them around the site for a few memory photographs. Here a few photographs of their couple photo session. They look so happy together. Great job from our photographer, fun and lively story of a couple in love in Paris.

A gourmet picnic and a couple photo session with “Love Picnic Paris”

paris engagement photographer
eiffel tower proposal paris engagement photographer Paris gourmet picnic Paris secret proposal

Paris secret proposal in the spring

January in Paris; the end of the year celebrations are now behind us. We would like to wish a wonderful year to each and everyone of you who have been following and supporting “Love Picnic Paris”.

We are very grateful to everyone who have reached out to us for a gourmet picnic and a lifestyle photo session in the city those past couple of years. We’ve met many lovely couples and families visiting the city from all over the world. It has been exciting to be able to share our love for the city with so many of you!

We have prepared many gourmet picnics to cater for friends and families, small and larger groups. We have planned many secret proposals around Paris this past year as well. “Love Picnic Paris” is now getting new bookings for the spring season for both gourmet picnics and creative photography with Olivier. We cannot wait to meet all of you in Paris again this year.

Love Picnic Paris started with the desire to share our passion for our city; enjoying a gourmet picnic with friends and family. Olivier happens to be a very talented portrait photographer. We wanted to propose a unique service where clients would enjoy a relaxing moment at one of Paris beautiful park. Make it a lunchtime delightful picnic experience and have the opportunity to have a creative & unique photo session with a very talented professional at the same time ( my partner in crime! ). This was the original idea behind “Love Picnic Paris”

Paris engagement photographer

Paris secret proposal

The weather is incredibly warm for the season at the moment! Not sure it is a good thing by the way, but this is another topic. We assisted Joe this past week preparing for his Paris secret proposal at the eiffel tower.   There is no season for LOVE, anything is possible in Paris.

Joe ordered our “Edith Piaf” gourmet picnic at the Trocadero gardens including one hour photo session with Olivier once our couple had enjoyed their lunch and cracked open the bottle of champagne.

The Trocadero area is great for photos. It is located on a hill overlooking the seine and the eiffel tower which you can admire in the distance. It is an amazing view point for photography. Although it can get a little crowded at time, the trocadero area is definitely a prime location for some great photography with the Eiffel tower and the city scape.

We are now starting to take bookings for the spring season. We have had a few couples contacting us to plan their surprise gourmet picnic already. A few of you have reserved their date for their forthcoming secret proposal too. We are now proposing picnics and photography in the gardens of Versailles this year as well.

First steps in planning a secret proposal with Love Picnic Paris.

We have created a new secret proposal information page to our Love picnic Paris website. We now combine our surprise gourmet picnic adventures with different photography packages around the city. If you are considering proposing to your love one while visiting Paris, it might be a good idea to go through the page. We explain in more details the different types of services we propose to make this moment unique and completely stress free!

Information on planning your Paris secret proposal

Paris engagement photographer
Joe and Ella’s engagement proposal in Paris.

You are more then welcome to reach out to us via email directly if you have any question you would like to bring forward. We understand the stress involved when planning such a special moment from far away. This more so if you have never been to Paris before. Each and every one of our services can be customized to your liking. We have now gained extended experience in planning secret proposal with the Eiffel tower in the background but not only! So you are more then welcome to reach out for more details, we would be so glad to be part of your special day.

Meanwhile enjoy the few engagement photographs with Joe and Ella’s engagement photo session, taken in Paris recently with Olivier. If interested in a private photography session while visiting the city, I would suggest that you go to Olivier’s website to get familiar with his style of photography.

Alternatively you can go to our gallery page where you will find a selection of photographs taken with Olivier those past couple of years with Love Picnic Paris. I have just gone through the slideshow myself. It brought a tear to my eyes looking at all of this love and happy faces!

Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
Paris engagement photographer
paris engagement photographer